Why Is It Called A Tennis Bracelet? The Complete Guide 2023

Tennis bracelets are statement pieces of jewelry, but their name seems a bit odd. After all, why is it called a tennis bracelet? It’s not like it’s an accessory for the sport. For now, let’s just say something happened to give this piece its name.

These bracelets are chic and look luxurious. Tennis bracelets are generally a continuous diamond line. These rare and expensive stones are connected by a chain made using precious metals. It holds the stones together but allows flexibility through the individual links on the chain itself.

But how did it get the name “tennis bracelet”? How many types of tennis bracelets are there? Are these bracelets expensive?

Go ahead and continue reading our guide to find out more about tennis bracelets.

So Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

Let’s go back in time to answer this question. We’re at the US Open, and the year is 1987. In those days, Chris Evert was still in her prime years and was surely among the best women’s tennis players.

The match was hotly competitive, but the heat of the sport fell second to the drama surrounding Evert’s diamond bracelet. During a serve, her bracelet slipped off her wrist and flew into the air. This wasn’t just any diamond bracelet. She was wearing George Bedewi.

Evert asked the officials if it was possible to stop the match so she could recover her bracelet. Naturally, this incident created a huge buzz not just in tennis but in the entire world. The popularity and market for George Bedewi diamonds grew enormously. 

Everybody wanted to know where they could get their hands on these bracelets, which ultimately came to be known as “Tennis Bracelets.” The defining characteristics of these bracelets are the secure clasps and the line of diamonds.

The hype around these bracelets hasn’t died down. You’ve probably seen these exquisite bracelets on the wrists of tennis legends like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, among others.

Types of Tennis Bracelets

Photo of a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

There are many types and kinds of tennis bracelets. Of course, these don’t come cheap. At the same time, you’ll find four main styles when it comes to these bracelets. Let’s lay them all down in detail.

Tennis Bracelets with Four Rows

Four-row tennis bracelets are the top of the top, the best of the best, the creme de la creme. They are among the most luxurious pieces of jewelry. This, of course, means they’re usually the most expensive.

As is obvious from the name, this bracelet features four rows of extraordinarily and intricately placed diamonds. What’s so amazing about these bracelets is that you can choose the set metal like any other piece of jewelry. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say these are among the most prized possessions when it comes to design alone. So, if you’re into tennis and diamonds and are planning to get one of these, surely you know your taste. Moreover, these can definitely become family heirlooms.

Tennis Bracelets with Three Rows

Next up, we have the three-row tennis bracelets. Not as luxurious as the previous mention, but still a breathtaking piece of jewelry.

Instead of four rows, it features three beautiful lines of diamonds. You can choose the precious metal to hold the row of diamonds with these bracelets, too.

It doesn’t lack the elegance and fine luxury feeling that diamonds are known for. It’s surely a standout jewelry piece and makes for a perfect accessory, especially if you need to attend a special event. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need to be okay with people staring at you.

Double Row Tennis Bracelets

Like the four- and three-row bracelets, double-row tennis bracelets are a sign of luxury and sophistication. Their elegance makes them stand out from other bracelets you may see in jewelry stores. 

Compared to the first two styles I’ve already mentioned, this bracelet comes with just two rows of line diamonds. You’re free to choose the type of diamond and metal for your tennis bracelet. These bracelets look ecstatic and add a chic touch to your outfits.

Single Row Tennis Bracelets

Many people like this type of tennis bracelet the most. They are simplistic, minimalist, and easy to wear. They have a refined elegance. You should definitely check out these pieces.

These are the most traditional when it comes to tennis bracelets. They are timeless and classic and surely don’t fail to impress.

The diamonds are handcrafted, and you can select the metal based on your individual preference.

What I love about these tennis bracelets is their versatility. They’re ideal for special events. They don’t look outrageous or too much for regular wear either. 

Tennis Bracelets: Types of Clasps

Diamond and Gold Tennis Bracelet

An amazing feature of these pieces of jewelry is the type of clasps they offer. Not only can you choose the type of diamonds and metal, but you can also choose the clasps. This way, you can choose a clasp that fits your wrist perfectly and doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain.

Barrel Clasp

The most defining characteristic of this clasp is that it looks similar to a barrel. To connect the ends of the bracelet, you just screw the two halves of the barrel together. 

This type of clasp is extremely secure, so you don’t have to worry about being the next Chris Evert. At the same time, it does fiddle a bit around the wrist.

Lobster Clasp

Anyone who owns or has been jewelry shopping before should be familiar with a lobster clasp. These are among the most traditional and common types of jewelry clasps. 

Its most defining feature is the spring mechanism that comes fitted within the oval metal ring. Pressing down on the small lever opens the mechanism, allowing you to slip the connecting chain link through.

If you’re planning to buy the ultra-luxurious tennis bracelet with four rows, I recommend you go for this clasp. It’s incredibly secure. 

Spring Ring Clasp

These types of claps are among the most commonly used clasps. They are simple and don’t involve much hassle. That’s why they are the traditional clasp type preferred by many jewelers around the world.

The mechanism behind its working is very similar to the lobster clasp. While the lobster clasp is oval and resembles a lobster claw, the ring clasp is just a circle. Otherwise, they work exactly the same.

These are ideal for any style of tennis bracelet since the clasps are secure and look classic.


What is the average price of a tennis bracelet?

Tennis bracelets can vary greatly in price. The average price of a decent-quality diamond tennis bracelet is around $2,000. However, these prices can get all the way up to $100,000!

Are tennis bracelets only worn by women?

No, tennis bracelets can be worn by men or women. The bracelet is usually very subtle and provides a sleek, stylish look to anyone who may wear it. They can even be paired with the perfect watch for any occasion.

Can I get my tennis bracelet wet?

Although it is never advisable to get your expensive diamond jewelry wet, you don’t have to worry if you just get caught in the rain. 

However, please remember to take it off before you hop into the shower or go swimming – at the very least you wouldn’t want it to fall off and get lost in the water!

What is the most common type of diamond used in tennis bracelets?

Most tennis bracelets use round-cut diamonds, although jewelers have been getting creative lately with new designs. Make sure to research all styles and choose one that is a perfect fit.

Wrapping It All Up

That was all in our guide on the style and types of tennis bracelets. If you came here asking, “Why is it called a tennis bracelet?” now you know. I hope you’ve found our guide fun to read and informative.

I suggest you do your research before buying a tennis bracelet. These bracelets come with a big price tag, so be sure it’s something that you really want. Purchasing something you’ll get tired of after a day can put a huge dent in your wallet.

That’s why I would advise you to think of it as an investment and carefully make your decision after ticking off some points in your checklist.

Make sure to click on this link to learn about the history of tennis bracelets.

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