What To Wear With Sequin Pants: Stylish Combinations Simplified

Sequin pants have become popular for those who want to add sparkle to their wardrobe. I’ve noticed that they’re trendy for glam looks during holiday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Knowing what to wear with sequin pants might seem tricky, but with a few tips, anyone can create a stunning outfit.

When styling sequin pants, I’ve learned that it’s essential to find the right balance between glamorous and tasteful. The key is to pair these glittering pants with simple, solid-colored tops, shoes, and accessories. This ensures that the sequins remain the center of attention without going overboard.

Another useful tip I’ve discovered is choosing black sequin leggings or skinny pants for versatility. Black sequins can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what they are paired with. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want to create various looks with their sequin pants.

Pair with Appropriate Tops

When I want to wear sequin pants, I think about pairing them with the perfect top to create a stylish and balanced look. One of my go-to options is a casual graphic tee. Not only does this create a comfortable outfit, but it also adds a touch of laid-back vibe, effortlessly combining glam and casual. I sometimes dress this outfit up with heels or dress it down with sneakers, depending on the occasion.

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For those times when I’m looking for a more sophisticated appearance, I opt for a plain top, like a button-down shirt or a well-fitting sweater. The absence of embellishments allows the sequin pants to take center stage without competing for attention. Neutral colors, such as black or white, tend to work best when paired with shiny sequin pants.

Blazers are another great addition to my sequin pant outfits. A white or black blazer can instantly elevate the look, making it perfect for a night out or a dressy event. When I want to add some flair, I put on a crop top underneath the blazer. This combination shows a hint of skin while keeping the outfit classy and trendy.

Adding Layers with Jackets and Coats

When I want to style my sequin pants, I find that adding layers with jackets and coats can really help elevate the look. This not only adds dimension to the outfit but it also allows me to play around with different textures and materials.

One go-to option for me is a classic black blazer. The clean lines and structure of a black blazer create a perfect balance with the shimmer and shine of sequin pants. Wearing it over a simple top makes a chic outfit suitable for a night out or a dressy event.

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If I’m leaning towards a more casual outfit, I like to wear a denim or leather jacket with my sequin pants. The ruggedness of these materials complements the glamour of the sequins, creating a trendy and laid-back vibe. I usually pair this look with sneakers or ankle boots to keep it casual yet stylish.

Now, for colder days or more formal occasions, a knee-length coat is a great option. Whether it’s a wool or a tailored overcoat, it adds a sophisticated touch to my sequin pants. When choosing a coat, I stick to solid colors and minimalist designs to let the sequins be the outfit’s focal point.

Lastly, I can’t forget about sequin jackets! Though it may seem like too much sparkle at first, wearing a sequin jacket with sequin pants can create a bold and dazzling statement. To ensure the outfit doesn’t become overwhelming, I opt for a monochrome look – choosing sequins in the same color for the jacket and pants. This makes the textures blend seamlessly, creating a cohesive and eye-catching outfit.

Matching Shoes and Boots

I focus on the perfect balance between style and function when pairing shoes and boots with sequin pants. I believe the key to doing this is to make your sequin pants the statement piece while adding the right footwear to complement the look.

One of my favorite shoes to wear with sequin pants is heels. A classic pair of pumps or high heels can elevate the already glamorous vibe of the pants. Opting for solid-colored, minimalistic heels allows the sequins to be the focal point and keeps the overall look chic and stylish.

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Ankle boots can also be a great choice when paired with sequin pants. A simple, sleek pair of ankle boots in black or nude can bring a touch of sophistication to the outfit without overwhelming it. I love wearing ankle boots with a slightly higher heel to maintain the elegant feel and to keep the silhouette streamlined.

If you’re looking for a more summery, open-toe option, heeled sandals work wonderfully with sequin pants. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. For instance, I like pairing sequin pants with strappy heeled sandals for a night out or a special event, but on a more casual day, a cute pair of block-heeled sandals also does the trick.

My Final Thoughts

I absolutely love sequin pants, as they add a little sparkle and glamour to any outfit. When I wear sequin pants, I feel extra confident and stylish, instantly elevating my look. I’ve learned that there are so many versatile ways to style these shimmering pants.

Pairing my sequin pants with a plain top is always a go-to for me, as it allows the sequins to be the main focus of my outfit. This combination is chic and effortless, suitable for various events and gatherings.

Another favorite of mine is wearing a graphic tee with my sequin pants. This style gives off a casual and edgy vibe, perfect for when I want to feel glamorous without going over the top. The contrasting colors of the tee and the sequins create a unique, eye-catching outfit.

On colder days, I like wearing my sequin pants with a sweater. The combination of cozy and sparkly is truly magical, and it’s great for staying warm and fashionable during winter parties or nights out with friends.

Lastly, I style my sequin pants with a blazer when I want to dress up a bit more. The blazer adds an extra layer of sophistication. I love how the sequins stand out against a solid colored blazer. It’s a perfect outfit for more formal events while maintaining that playful sparkle I adore.

I can’t wait to try out even more ways to style my sequin pants in the future. They truly are a versatile and glamorous addition to my wardrobe.

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