What To Wear To A Massage: Styling For Serenity

Going for a massage can be incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. It’s an opportunity to unwind, release tension, and pamper ourselves. One common question that people have is what to wear to a massage. Choosing the right outfit is essential for ensuring comfort and getting the most out of the experience.

When I go for a massage, I like to dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Sweatpants, athletic shorts, and baggy t-shirts are my go-to choices. Not only are they easy to slip on and off, but they also allow my body to move freely during the session. For a more upscale spa setting, I might opt for a jumpsuit or a romper, as they strike the perfect balance between style and comfort.

It’s important to consider the type of massage you’ll get when selecting your outfit. Most full-body massages require that your arms, legs, hands, feet, neck, back, stomach, and buttocks are accessible to the therapist. That’s why it’s ideal to wear clothing that won’t restrict access to these areas while providing comfort and modesty.

General Guidelines for Attire

Comfortable Clothing

I always recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing when it comes to massages. I usually opt for sweatpants or athletic shorts paired with a baggy T-shirt. Jumpsuits and rompers can be a stylish choice for high-end salons. An added bonus is that these outfits are easy to take off and put back on. Breathable clothing made from natural fibers, like cotton or linen, is also great. It’s essential to feel relaxed during the massage, so dress comfortably!

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When it comes to undergarments, I have a few suggestions. For women, if you wear a bra, choose one without an underwire, as it can become uncomfortable during the massage. Sports bras or bralettes are excellent options. Underwear is a personal choice, but I recommend wearing something that makes you feel at ease. Some people prefer to wear underwear during a massage, while others opt to go without it. Ultimately, choose what’s best for you and your comfort level.

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Shoes and Socks

For shoes and socks, I keep it simple. Slip-on shoes, like sandals or loafers, are easy to put on and remove before and after the massage. If you prefer to wear socks, choose something light and breathable. It’s essential to prioritize comfort throughout your massage experience, so keep your feet happy.

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As I’ve learned during my research, wearing loose, comfortable clothing to a massage appointment is important. This will make it easy for me to quickly change before and after the session. Something like sweatpants, athletic shorts, and baggy T-shirts are great choices.

If I opt for a Thai massage, I should remember to wear breathable clothing that can easily stretch, as I will remain fully clothed throughout this type of massage session.

I also discovered that if I’m getting any gluteal work done, it might be best to wear thong underwear, as licensed massage therapist recommends.

Moving forward, I’ll keep these tips in mind when I schedule my next massage appointment. By wearing the right clothes, I can focus on enjoying the relaxing experience and get the most out of my treatment.

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