A Guide To The Most Flattering Types Of Necklines For Women

In women’s fashion, the best types of necklines have been an integral part of outfit design and sewing patterns. When searching for the most flattering dresses, you may consider factors like fabric, drape, etc. But necklines are of equal significance.

Different neckline styles can emphasize or deemphasize various parts of your body. Knowing about the right necklines and their purpose can illustrate your shoulders and collarbone. If you want to achieve sartorial excellence in fashion, selecting the best neckline is crucial.

To develop a signature wardrobe style, it’s important to choose dresses with the best necklines for your body. Nowadays, a tee is never just a tee. The tee has different names which allude to the neckline style first. 

In this post, I will share a few insights into the necklines that can help you look more elegant.   

Overview of Necklines for Women

As the name suggests, the neckline refers to the upper portion of an outfit. It is located close to your neck. When picking a dress to wear, you should analyze various parameters like fabric, drape, and silhouette. The neckline is also an integral aspect of a particular outfit as it dictates the traits of the dress.

The best way to show off a unique style statement is to know about varied neck types. You can communicate a lot of things about your personality with a neckline. Nowadays, more and more women are integrating varied necklines that can suit various occasions.

When it comes to fashion design, necklines are a necessary component to consider. Since they surround the neck and face, selecting the right neckline to accentuate your shoulders and collarbones is crucial. Outfit necklines for women should harmonize with the following:   

  • The overall dimensions of an individual
  • The breadth of the shoulders 
  • The length of the neck
  • The outline of the face

Flattering Types of Necklines for Women

In addition to the right neckline accentuating your face and shoulder area,  the most flattering type of neckline can also set the stage for amazing accessories. Learning about the various types of necklines is the first step toward finding out what suits you and what doesn’t. In your search for the perfect neckline, you will likely come across specific necklines that are universally flattering, and less flattering ones. 

For instance, the scoop neckline suits women with varied body dimensions and face attributes. On the contrary, turtle neck or square necklines are not suitable for others. 

Here are some of the most flattering neckline types that every woman should be aware of:

Asymmetric Neckline

True to its name, the asymmetric neckline doesn’t have any fixed symmetry, which can help you exude a chic look. This type of neckline appears to be quite pleasing and evokes curiosity because of the uneven cut.

Asymmetric tops are bang-on trends and are preferred by women of all body types. The asymmetric neckline allows you to be more experimental and playful with your style. This type of neckline adds instant individuality too.  


The Bardot top derives its name from the iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot. She owned the mid-1900 with her legendary style and appeal. Tops in the Bardot neckline category are also known as off-shoulder tops.

Dresses with a Bardot neck type reveal both shoulders and render a classy look. It’s a timeless shape that will never go out of style. You can pair a Bardot neckline with high-waisted skinny jeans and strappy sandals. To look appealing, you can invest in an oversized clutch.   


Dresses with a V-neck neckline offer a vertical impression. It is universally flattering on all figures. A V-neck top elongates the body and draws the eye upward to the face. It is best for women with wide shoulders and short necks.

The V-neck dresses are suitable for women with thick torsos too. It can flatter every body shape, whether pear-shaped or petite. If you have square jaws, it will illustrate the shape of your face. However, women with heavy busts should avoid wearing a V-neck top.

Crew Neck

The crew neck is an ultimate classic and goes well with most occasions. It is a classic style that will accentuate your shoulders and face. The crew neck style is also known as the round neck. Crew neck tops, dresses, and tees are suitable for the following body types:

  • Women with small to medium bust
  • Women with a long and slender neck
  • Women with broad shoulders

The crew neck style is increasingly preferred by most women as it doesn’t demand much. You can pair your crew neck top with small earrings and strappy sandals.

Boat Neck

Smiling Elegant Woman In Black Cocktail Dress

The boat neck style is more reserved than the Bardot. However, it opens up in the neck and shoulder area. It is easier to identify a boat neck outfit with its neckline – the boat neck neckline is present across the inner shoulder to the collarbone.

If you want an aura of sophistication, opting for this neck type is suitable. The boat neck is ideal for corporate attire when you don’t want to wear a blouse. The boat neck type comes across as both professional and formal.

It is a wider neckline that passes just below the collarbone. If you want to balance a fuller midsection, don’t go beyond the boat neck style. Boat necks are best for slender shoulders and pear body shapes. A boat neck attire offers the maximum amount of coverage. You can accessorize with layered necklaces or an oversized pendant.

The Sweetheart Neck Type

A sweetheart neck type is a popular option in bridal wear. This neckline forms the shape of a heart just above the bust. It draws a great deal of attention to your bust. Additionally, since it offers ample coverage, it works well in accentuating the cleavage.

Another key highlight of the sweetheart neck type is that it visually elongates your face. It also offers a proportional balance to your overall silhouette. It is ideal for a majority of body types. Moreover, petite women can flatter their curves in attire with the sweetheart neck type. You should pair a boat neck outfit with ruffles.


The square neckline is suitable for flaunting your collarbone area. It also doesn’t reveal too much, which makes it practical to wear for modern women. The square neck type is perfect for younger women as it requires a firm neck and great skin.

This neckline is appropriate for women with pear-shaped bodies. It offers your shoulders a broader look and balances out the wider hips. The square neck type is also suitable for women with round faces.


A turtleneck comes with a tight-fitting high collar that sits below the chin. It tends to create an illusion of volume along the neck. If you have a thin neck, offsetting would be ideal with a turtleneck. It is perfect for women with narrow shoulders as it adds volume to the shoulder area. A long face benefits the most from a turtleneck.


Selecting the proper types of necklines is an appropriate way to dress elegantly. Choosing your unique neckline is a crucial decision because the area sits close to your face as well as the bust. 

We hope that you have found this guide helpful and that you now know more about the most flattering types of necklines for women. Before investing in a proper neckline, you should know which type suits your style. You should consider your body type and facial features when selecting attire with a specific neckline.  

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