7 Shoes To Wear With Dresses: Styling Guide

Achieving the perfect look doesn’t end with wearing the right clothes. An outfit is only completed when complimented with a pair of shoes that looks amazing and provides comfort. That’s where my guide on the best shoes to wear with dresses comes in.

It’s vital to be comfortable even when slaying looks. There are several shoes to wear with dresses – but which one is the best? 

The most important thing for me is to consider how they look and whether they are comfortable or not. I make sure I look chic without compromising my comfort. 

The 7 Best Shoes to Wear with a Dress

Styles Shoes

1. Flat Shoes

Flats provide a chic and laid-back look. Since they are comfortable, it’s a great option for women who are always on the go. 

There are many kinds of flat pairs of dress shoes. I prefer pom poms, ballet flats, and buckles. These comfortable shoes can spice up your whole look. 

For working women, style is not the utmost priority as they want maximum comfort when they are working. That’s why I go for ballet flats in light color shades and sleek slides. They allow me to add extra style to my formal wear or office suit. 

2. Pump Dress Shoes

Pump shoes are extremely versatile. Wear anything from sweatpants and suits to jeans and mini-skirts with these comfortable shoes – it’s bound to give off a killer look. 

Pumps are good for every occasion, whether I’m going on a date or at work. Not only do they provide a chic look, but they are also extremely comfortable. 

They offer maximum support, too, as it comes with a slingback. To keep it exciting, they also feature a stiletto. I can come up with hundreds of outfits and look stylish each time. 

When it comes to colors, they’re available in a variety of options. I usually stick to neutral or bold colors as they complement the outfits I generally wear the most. The most popular are black pumps and nude pumps.

3. Heels

High heels are a great option when you want to look stunning – they are flashy and dressy footwear that truly makes a statement. 

They are not your everyday shoes. Rather, they’re made for fancy parties and special occasions. 

Heels can get a bit uncomfortable to wear, as they can be sky-high sometimes. But on certain occasions, I don’t mind compromising my comfort a little to look stylish. 

I like chic ankle strap black heels or ones with embroidery in pink or even strappy heels. They complement my summer dress and offer a slender silhouette.

Do you know that wearing high heels can cause back pain? Click here to learn more about it. 

4. Mules Shoes

I wear mules on special occasions because they offer style and maximum comfort. These shoes are trendy and considered a fantastic option for special semi-formal or casual occasions. 

When it comes to available designs, there are many choices – from plain and sophisticated to bold and bright. 

I adore the straps that provide fabulous support. It’s relatively effortless to wear them as you just have to slide them on.  

5. Brogues

Who said women can’t wear leather shoes and look dashing? Brogues are low-heeled leather shoes that add a glorious touch to a classy outfit. With these shoes, you will look like a superstar.

They have definite and rebellious features that come with unrefined edges. This footwear is made for women who want to stand out. I recommend pairing them with either jeans or a suit.

6. Loafers

Loafers are the best shoes to wear at the office, on a day out, or at a formal event. 

These shoes are the best for comfort and a chic look. They have been around for ages and have not lost their glory. 

There’s a large variety to choose from chunky loafers, flats, and block heels. They’re also available in different materials like leather, velvet, and suede.

Loafers are also considered to be a footwear trend.  

7. Slingback 

Slingbacks come in timeless designs that will rock with any outfit. This footwear comes with a sling at the back to provide stability and comfort. Whether I’m wearing heels or low slingbacks, they provide style and maximum support. 

These shoes are a versatile addition to my shoe collection. I pair them with dresses, formalwear, or pencil skirts. 

I recommend slingbacks if you want a funky shoe that will help you stand out at fancy events.

Other Shoe Options to Wear with Dresses


I cannot complete the list of shoes to wear with dresses without wedges. The elegance and beauty behind these shoes add to their versatility and stability. Pair them with a jumpsuit or skirt for a stylish, effortless look. 


Sneakers are an essential item in anyone’s shoe collection. They go well with any choice outfit, be it casual or formal. 

I love pairing sweater dresses with white sneakers. It suits my style and feels very comfy.

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes to Wear with Dresses

Women buying shoes

When you’re looking to buy shoes to wear with a dress, there are a few things to consider. 

Comfort Should Be Your Priority

When purchasing shoes, the priority should be their stability and comfort. I usually purchase shoes I can wear to every event, whether a day event or a night program. 

Try on shoes before buying them. Walk around, and if there’s even a slight discomfort, do not buy them. Here’s what experts suggest when buying heels.

Your Shoe Size

Shoe shopping can get annoying as many brands’ sizes vary from each other. For instance: I’m a size UK 4, so Brand A UK 4 might fit, but at the same time, Brand B UK 4 might not fit at all. 

That’s why it is essential to know your true size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoe will compliment my dress?

Many shoes will look amazing with different dresses. 

For instance, you can wear sneakers or pumps with any dress. I also recommend heels or wedges if you want to look elegant. 

The best way to know which shoes will look good on you is by trying them on with the desired outfit. 

Which shoe style provides the maximum comfort?

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats loafers, brogues, and sneakers for me. Heels are a bit uncomfortable if you wear them for a long time. 

Mules, wedges, and slingbacks also offer plenty of comfort. The comfort of the shoe depends on your preference as well. 

Wrapping Up

Shoes are an essential part of one’s outfit and can make or break your entire look. I have listed the best shoes to wear with dresses that will provide style and maximum comfort. Once again, I stress that you know your true size before you buy anything online.

Check out this YouTube video to find your shoe size at home.

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