Ralph Lauren vs Polo: What’s the Difference?

Ralph Lauren founded Ralph Lauren Corporation in the 1960s and has since been synonymous with sophistication and timeless style. On the other side, Polo Ralph Lauren is a sub-brand of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, focusing on sportswear and casual clothing. Essentially, Ralph Lauren encompasses the entire corporation and its diverse product offerings, while Polo is a specific line under the leading brand tailored to those seeking athletic-inspired fashion.

Key Takeaways

  • Ralph Lauren is a larger corporation, while Polo is a sportswear-focused sub-brand.
  • Both brands are known for their unique styles and high-quality products.
  • Price range and product offerings vary between Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren.

History and Origin

An iconic designer, Ralph Lauren started the Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967 by stepping into the fashion industry with men’s ties. As a Bronx native, he joined other design leaders like Calvin Klein and Robert Denning, who were also part of the Jewish community there.

After some time, Ralph Lauren introduced the sportswear and fragrance line known as Polo Ralph Lauren. The company’s logo showcases a polo player on his pony, symbolizing strength, quality, and team spirit. This iconic logo pays tribute to the American sportswear tradition and reflects the aristocratic history, class, and elegance in their clothing designs.

Now, let’s dive into the versatile collections within the Ralph Lauren brand. The Ralph Lauren Collection, with sophisticated, classic designs and top-quality materials, represents the highest end of their brand offerings. On the other hand, Lauren Ralph Lauren caters to a broader audience with stylish yet affordable clothing for both men and women.

Double RL, another noteworthy collection in the Ralph Lauren brand, brings a unique touch to the fashion world by blending vintage-inspired styles and rugged designs. It represents American workwear and offers customers a distinctive mixture of creativity and innovation.

Product Quality and Craftsmanship

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, I’ve noticed a difference between Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren. While both brands offer various types of clothing, such as suits, jackets, trousers, and dresses, I found Ralph Lauren’s materials and fabrication to be better.

One essential factor to consider when comparing the two brands is the fabric. Ralph Lauren uses high-quality materials in their apparel, sometimes including luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk. This enhances the overall feel and appearance of their clothing. On the other hand, Polo Ralph Lauren, targeting a more affordable market, usually opts for more economical materials in their products. This choice doesn’t mean their clothes lack quality; it merely translates to different price points and target audiences.

In terms of style, I find the Ralph Lauren Collection and Double RL to be more about refined and elegant designs, while Polo Ralph Lauren has a more casual and sporty feel. Both brands excel in their respective areas, so it boils down to personal preference when deciding between them.

Now, let’s talk about craftsmanship, which is crucial for any high-quality garment. Ralph Lauren pays special attention to details and precise construction, ensuring their products meet the highest standards. This attention to detail gives their clothing a more luxurious feel, reflecting the brand’s positioning. Polo Ralph Lauren, as the more affordable option, still offers excellent craftsmanship, but their focus is on providing stylish and comfortable clothing without the premium price tag.

Footwear is another area wherein differences are noticeable. Both brands offer shoes ranging from casual sneakers to dressier options, but again, Ralph Lauren’s selections lean more toward high-quality materials and elegant designs. Polo Ralph Lauren footwear emphasizes comfort and ease, emphasizing stylish everyday wear.

Price Range and Affordability

Ralph Lauren offers a wide range of products with different price points, catering to various customers’ needs. You can find luxury items like the Ralph Lauren Collection and Double RL, which come at a higher price point. On the other hand, they also have more affordable options such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Chaps, and Lauren Ralph Lauren. So, depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of options within the brand.

With US Polo Assn, their products generally fall within a more affordable price range compared to Ralph Lauren. While they also offer polo shirts, their designs and price points might differ. If you’re looking for something within a budget, exploring US Polo Assn products could be a good idea.

But let’s not forget that when it comes to price, quality is also a crucial aspect. Ralph Lauren is known for its high-quality products and attention to detail, which contributes to their higher price point. In contrast, US Polo Assn might not have the same luxury and quality level.

To help visualize the difference in their price range, let’s take a look at polo shirts from both brands:

  • Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts: Prices range from $50 to over $100.
  • US Polo Assn Polo Shirts: Prices are usually under $50.

So, what do these numbers ultimately mean for you? If you value luxury and quality and have a flexible budget, you might lean toward Ralph Lauren. On the other hand, if affordability is essential, US Polo Assn offers stylish alternatives within a budget.

Product Range

One of the key differences between Ralph Lauren and Polo is the logos. Ralph Lauren’s iconic design features a polo player on horseback, while Polo’s logo is a bit simpler, showcasing just the word “Polo.” You’ll find these logos on a variety of items, from polo shirts and t-shirts to accessories like sunglasses and jewelry.

Speaking of polo shirts, let me tell you that they are a classic staple in both brands’ offerings. However, the polo shirts from Ralph Lauren tend to have a more timeless look, with finer details in the hem and sleeves. In contrast, Polo’s polo shirts have a sportier feel, making them a popular choice for sportswear and athletic outfits. They’re available in multiple colors, so you’ll surely find one that suits your taste.

In addition to the classic polo shirts, Ralph Lauren and Polo boast a diverse range of other garments. Ralph Lauren is well-known for its menswear, including jackets, trousers, and timeless dresses. On the other hand, Polo offers sporty garments like tennis outfits and activewear. So, no matter your wardrobe needs, both brands have you covered.

As for accessories, both brands provide a wide range of options. Ralph Lauren’s accessory offerings include eyewear, jewelry, and footwear. In particular, their sunglasses are incredibly popular, with a wide variety of stylish frames to choose from. Meanwhile, Polo’s accessories range focuses on sporty items like tennis shoes and headbands.

Another noteworthy aspect is the headquarters for each brand. Ralph Lauren’s headquarters are located in New York, while Polo calls Los Angeles its home. Their product lines reflect this juxtaposition of East Coast sophistication and West Coast casualness.

My Final Thoughts

So, if you’re ever shopping for that perfect outfit or accessory, keep in mind the differences between these two iconic American fashion brands. While Ralph Lauren offers a diverse range of products and styles, Polo Ralph Lauren caters to those with a penchant for sporty, casual wear. Regardless of your preference, both brands will impress with their quality and design.

Remember, when you’re out there exploring the world of fashion, it’s not just about the name or label – it’s about finding the perfect style that best suits you. So, why not give both Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren a try? They might just surprise you!

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