How to Wear Overalls with One Strap: A Chic and Effortless Guide

Overalls have been a classic wardrobe staple for years, and we have recently seen a resurgence in popularity. I remember feeling adventurous when I decided to wear overalls with one strap. 

The one-strap style injects a touch of uniqueness and a 90s nostalgia vibe into my outfits, giving them an effortlessly cool appearance. As overalls are versatile and easy to style, I’ve been experimenting with various ways to pair them with my existing wardrobe pieces to create different looks.

In my journey to rock the one-strap overall look, I found that choosing the right type of overalls and pairing them with the perfect top and shoes makes all the difference. 

When I want a more formal outfit, I gravitate towards a pair of overalls with cigarette style pants and pair them with a peasant top or elegant blouse. Adding high heels or stylish flats to this combination helps elevate the entire outfit while maintaining an on-trend aspect.

There is something quintessentially stylish yet laid-back about wearing overalls with one strap undone. For a casual and chic twist, I often pair my denim overalls with a simple tee and sneakers, unfastening one side of the top part of the overalls. This look immediately feels relaxed and breezy, all while capturing that sought-after 90s charm.

Mastering the One Strap Look

Wearing overalls with one strap is a fashion choice that can add a touch of playfulness and style to your outfit. To achieve this look without any mishaps, follow these simple steps.

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Adjusting the Strap Length

First, make sure the overalls fit me comfortably. I always start by adjusting the strap length to ensure a proper fit. Most overalls come with adjustable shoulder straps, making finding the perfect length for me easy. I simply slide the buckle along the strap until it reaches my desired length to adjust the straps.

Fastening the Buckle

Next, I fasten the buckle of the strap I plan to keep up. The buckle is usually a metal or plastic clasp that can easily be secured by inserting the strap into it. Once my strap is at the desired length, I fasten the buckle to make sure it stays in place throughout the day.

Positioning the Unfastened Strap

Finally, I let the other strap fall naturally, leaving it unfastened. The positioning of the unfastened strap is crucial to the overall one-strap look. It should hang loosely by my side, adding a casual element to my outfit. If the strap slips down or causes discomfort, I suggest tacking it down with a safety pin to keep it in place.

By following these simple steps, I can easily achieve a stylish and comfortable one-strap overall look that suits a variety of occasions. Remember to pair your overalls with a top that complements the outfit, and have fun experimenting with different styles and accessories.

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Styling Overalls with One Strap

As a fashion enthusiast, I want to share my take on styling overalls with one strap. This trendy and chic look can be achieved through various outfit combinations. I will discuss three sub-sections: Creating Casual Outfits, Building Chic Outfits, and Achieving a Retro Aesthetic.

Creating Casual Outfits

When I want to create a casual outfit with overalls, pairing them with a simple tee or a hoodie adds a relaxed vibe to the overall look. Layering a jacket on top can also contribute to a laid-back style. 

For footwear, I opt for white sneakers or sandals, which give off a comfortable and easygoing feel. To accessorize, I stick to minimal, dainty jewelry and sometimes a headband or a hat to keep my hair in place.

Building Chic Outfits

In order to create a chic outfit with one-strap overalls, I focus on combining them with more sophisticated pieces. The crop top works wonders, especially when paired with heels or flats. 

A peasant top or an elegant blouse also adds a more polished touch. I usually go for cigarette-typepants for a more formal look. To accessorize, I select statement rings or a bold necklace. The trick here is to select pieces that make the outfit look refined and fashionable.

Achieving a Retro Aesthetic

To achieve a retro aesthetic with one-strap overalls, I often draw inspiration from the 90s. I like to pair a black turtleneck with my overalls and layer a classic denim jacket or a chunky knit sweater to enhance that vintage vibe. 

I sometimes opt for corduroy or velvet overalls for a more playful twist. Footwear choices to complete this look include chunky heel boots or classic white sneakers. 

Accessorizing with a printed headband or a sports bra underneath can also add an extra edge to the outfit. The key here is to mix modern and classic pieces to create a stylish, retro-inspired look.

My Final Thoughts

Wearing overalls with one strap can create an effortless, laid-back look that showcases my personal style. As I experimented with different ways to wear them, I found that certain outfits worked better than others. 

One option that I found to be visually appealing and stylish was pairing my overalls with a simple, neutral-colored t-shirt underneath and some casual sneakers.

In my experience, ensuring that the top underneath is not too bulky was a key factor in pulling off this style. I discovered that tighter-fitting tops, such as slim-fitting turtlenecks or crop tops, worked well with overalls and allowed me to maintain a flattering silhouette. Additionally, I liked adding a pop of color to my top choice to make my outfit stand out.

Another aspect of wearing overalls with one strap that worked for me was playing around with accessories. Layering the overalls with a jacket or cardigan added dimension to my outfit while incorporating statement jewelry accentuating my style. Hats, scarves, and belts also helped me create different looks and added an extra layer of interest to my outfit.

Finally, maintaining confidence in my outfit choice was the most important aspect of wearing overalls with one strap. By experimenting with various styles and combinations, I embraced this trend. I presented myself in a way that highlighted my unique taste in fashion.

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