How To Tie Wrap Dress – The Ultimate Guide

You may have seen wrap dresses on Pinterest, and Instagram-wrap dresses have been around for a long time. Comfortable and easy to style, the wrap dress is a chic answer to the one question we always have: “What should I wear?”

What’s a Wrap Dress?

Widely popular during the latter half of the 1970s, wrap dresses were popularized by designer Diane von Fürstenberg and remain a staple piece of clothing in women’s closets to this day. The design originated during the Great Depression when wrap-around style “Hooverette” dresses were all the rage.

A wrap dress can be worn casually or formally and provides a sleek silhouette, making it the perfect dress for women regardless of size. A wrap dress can come in a variety of bright colors and patterns, and you can wrap it in several ways to change up the look. 

Keep reading below as I walk you through these fool-proof steps to get the best fit and silhouette fit of your convertible wrap dress. 

Different Ways to Tie a Wrap Dress

Outdoor fashion portrait of Caucasian woman in black wrapped long sleeve dress

The wrap dress can serve any occasion and resemble the kimono dress – an Asian dress with a wrap-style design – whether you’re looking for a perfect, cool, elegant summer dress, going to a fancy dinner, or even for a wedding

From monochrome to an intricate pattern, a wrap dress can make a great addition to your wardrobe and can be easily dressed up and down. It can even make a great maternity dress for any expecting mothers out there. 

Here are some simple steps for how I tie my wrap dress to get the perfect fit:

  1. Wear the wrap dress as you would a jacket, and adjust around the shoulders to ensure that both panels are aligned and falling towards the front, without any folds.
  2. With your left hand, hold the left panel open and wrap the dress around your body, making sure that it fits around your body covering the chest. Once wrapped, you can pull at the fabric to make it sit right.
  3. With your right arm, hold open the right-hand panel and locate the slit or hole within the seam – usually about 15 cm below the right armpit. This is where the string located on the left-hand panel feeds through, securing the dress around you.
  4. Making sure that the dress has a longer string on the left side and a shorter one on the right, feed the string on the left-hand panel through the slit. This will tighten the dress around the waistline. Tighten according to your comfort level. 
  5. Pull the left panel over toward the right side, and bring the string toward the middle of your waistline. Pull at the neckline to adjust how it sits. Choose between a lower-cut neckline or a higher, broader one, according to the style that you’re going for.
  6. From the back, bring the left-sided longer string around your back to meet the shorter, right-sided string. Pull at the right-hand string to adjust the fitting, and tie both strings together securely in a bow. Pull at the fabric for any final adjustments.

And voila! You’re ready to go. Alternatively, you can also use safety pins to secure the dress, if there are no dress ties. Here’s what to do if you have no ties: 

  1. Wrap the dress as we did before, bringing the left side to the inside of the right panel. With the end placed toward the inside, secure it to the seam of the right panel with a medium-sized safety pin. Pull and adjust the fabric to make sure it’s in place.
  2. Wrap the right panel over the left part of your body, and adjust the neckline to your preference. Using your safety pin, secure the right end to close at the seam of the left panel.
  3. Make sure both ends are secure, and adjust the neckline and ends to achieve the perfect silhouette. You can also wear a belt around the waist, to ensure the dress is secured.

Now that you know how to tie a wrap dress, you can have as much fun with the look as you want. Here are some of my easy hacks for styling a wrap dress for women, and wearing it in a bunch of different ways:

Accessorizing a Wrap Dress

For a casual, everyday look, wear your wrap dress with a belt or jacket, and style your dress with flats. This is also a good choice for women who prefer a more petite style or have that body type. Add a pair of shades and a cloth tote, or even a headband to get a no-effort Bohemian look. For longer dresses, you can add a cardigan.

For a more formal look, a wrap dress can be paired with minimal jewelry pieces and a pair of heels for those who like a tall style and silhouette. With a coat or blazer, this can be an easy fix for a night out or a last-minute formal look. Aim for a wristwatch or bracelet to amp up the classiness, and finish off the look with a clutch.

Tip: For those of us with a larger bust, if you feel that your neckline may be too plunging, you can bring the edges closer together and secure them with a safety pin. 

Final Thoughts

Tying a wrap dress is easy, and styling them even easier! Whether you’re a fashion lover or completely clueless  – if you’re looking for a new purchase to make, this lovely dress might be it. Wrap dresses are comfortable and flattering – the perfect versatile piece that can be a great choice for any body type. 

With several options of color, pattern, fabric, style, and ways to tie it, the wrap dress is one of my must-haves and a great dress for women everywhere!

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