How To Tie A Bow In A Dress: Styling Guide

Bows add a sophistical touch to your entire outfit and can be used for every occasion. This styling guide will teach you everything you need to learn how to tie a bow on a dress.

You can learn the art of tying a bow easily. By following the simple steps below, I’ll teach you how to tie a bow on a dress or any other outfit with ease. 

Steps to Tie a Bow on a Dress

Tying the Wedding Dress

Here are some simple steps you can follow to learn how to tie a bow in a dress. 

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Sash 

Before learning how to tie a bow in a dress, it’s vital to get the basics right. Make sure to get the right sash for creating your bow to avoid a mediocre or inelegant look. I make sure to choose the sash according to my dress and the event I’m going to attend. 

When it comes to the sash, I highly recommend creating your own sash or buying a premade bow. 

Fabric Sash

A fabric sash will uplift any outfit. First, I usually pair my fabric sash with a dress. After that, I either make a bow by tying a chiffon sash or a fabric sash. Usually, I go for chiffon, but that’s not a rigid rule – you can make the sash from other materials as well. 

Ribbon Sash

Ribbon sashes can be tied into bows and they come in many different colors. These sashes make dresses look adorable and pleasant. I often see the ribbon sashes at weddings, usually worn by flower girls, and also during pageants and various formal events. 

Here’s how you can make a sash out of plastic ribbon. Use thick and flexible ribbons, as cheap ribbons have tiny and thin fibers. I usually tie the ribbons on the dress’s back or front. 

Ribbon sashes can also be used during a ceremonial event. I prefer placing the sash from the shoulder to the hip – this type of sash is called a ceremonial sash. 

Bridal Sash

If you are confused about how to style your wedding dress or gown, I recommend adding a bridal sash. The bridal sash will add a touch of elegance. 

Some of the most popular bridal sash fabrics are satin, silk, tulle, silk charmeuse, and duchess satin. The sash’s color should complement the color of the gown/dress. 

If you want to make a custom bridal sash, click here

A bridal sash also helps to highlight the waistline. I suggest adding adornments to your bridal such as beads, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, etc. But I’ll only recommend that if you have a tiny waistline. If you have a thicker waistline, I advise you to go for a plain bridal sash with fewer decorations. 

Step 2: Materials to Make Your Bow

The next step after choosing the bow you want is to prepare the right materials. I have mentioned all the necessary materials below:


Begin by preparing the perfect sash bow for yourself to give yourself a memorable event. 

As I mentioned earlier, women with small waists can add accessories to their bow – It’s bound to make the waist look more sensual. However, I suggest choosing a plain sash if you have a thicker waistline.

Thread and Needle

If you’d like to attach your bow to your dress, you can sew it onto your dress. I strongly advise using a thread that is the same color as the bow. It will give off a shabby look if a different thread color is used.


Scissors will come in handy if you want to adjust your bow. I always make sure my scissors are sharp enough to cut through thick fabrics and compact enough that I can carry them to events easily, just in case I need them to adjust my bow later. 

Step 3: The Placement of the Bow

There are various ways you can place the bow on your dress. Many people tie it on their shoulders, at the back or front. It depends on your style – there is no wrong way to tie the bow. 

Step 4: How to Tie a Bow on a Dress

Detail of bow tie on the dress

Now that you’ve acquired the perfect bow and decided where you would like to place it, it is time for you to tie the bow on your dress. Fret not – I will teach you how to do it.

  • Step 1: Wrap the sash around the area where you would like to tie it. 
  • Step 2: Double-check whether both sides of the sash are even. If not, adjust. 
  • Step 3: Overlap and cross both sides of the sash. Ensure that the left sash is on top of the right sash. 
  • Step 4: Pull the left sash under the right sash to make a knot. 
  • Step 5: Make a bow by creating a loop from the right sash. It should be pointed to the right. 
  • Step 6: Make the centerpiece by pulling the left sash above the right sash.
  • Step 7: The tails and the centerpiece should be in the right positions. Adjust the bow accordingly.


What should I do if the loops are not even?

You will need time to perfect the art of tying a bow. If the loops are not even, you can easily adjust them. 
If you want it longer, you can pull it gently. However, if you want the bow to be shorter, pull it down at the end of the loop. Ensure to smoothen out the centerpiece. 

What is the perfect size of the remaining bow?

The remaining bow should be twice the size of the complete bow in terms of width. You have the freedom to adjust the sashes depending on your personal preference.

Wrapping Up

Bows are elegant accessories that uplift your entire dress. It is not hard to learn how to tie a bow in a dress. Trust me, it’s a handy skill. Once you do it regularly, you will perfect it. They will make you stand out from the crowd and can be worn on every occasion.

Check out this YouTube tutorial to learn how to tie a perfect sash bow.

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