How To Tie A Belt On A Dress – A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to accessorizing, belts add style to your dress and allow you to customize your outfits. A belt’s originality, flair, and material can enhance any attire. 

Understanding which types of clothing go well with each type of belt is equally as vital as knowing when to wear each one so that they complement – rather than detract – from your outfit. Some women think belts are excessively masculine and would rather not wear them with dresses, while others believe the right belt may bring a touch of softness to their outfit. 

Some dresses come with belts sewn into them. However, fashion icons tend to prefer separate belts that allow the user to customize their look. You can tie separate belts in various ways, and even customize the material and size of the separate belt. 

To help you accessorize your look according to your style, I’ll teach you how to tie a belt on a dress.  

How to Tie a Belt on a Dress? The Three Basic Ways

Here are a few ways to tie your belt that will accentuate your style: 

At the Waist

Hands on the belt.

Wearing a belt at your waist can help define your waistline. Simply check that the belt’s width matches the length of your garment. A slim belt with a long dress will be less appealing, whereas a wide belt with a short dress may make you appear odd-shaped. 

Half-Folded Around Your Hips

For a more casual look, wrap a belt half folded around your hips, in the front or the back. It will give you a more relaxed look. 

Tied Behind Your Waist Showing Some Skin

You can use double-sided tape to help achieve this look and showcase your belly button. You don’t need belt loops for this style. 

10 Different Types of Belts and How to Tie Them

Here are ten different types of belts that you should incorporate into your closet to spice up your outfits and introduce new elements to your overall look!   

Leather Belt

Leather belts are the result of thousands of years of growth as part of a more comprehensive craft called leatherworking that has advanced technology, shaped society, and helped define cultural identity. A leather belt can help you achieve different looks depending on your style.  

They are typically used with jeans, but wearing a leather belt with a dress is iconic. It is on trend to wear a skinny leather belt with a dress. Fashion icons like Versace have been seen using ladies’ leather coat belts and skinny leather belts in their runway shows, including the top seller from Moda Operandi

Top-selling leather belts are often brown leather belts, and if you buy them from an authentic store, especially where you get handmade leather goods, they will last longer. A quality leather belt can last you years and if you find one at a  thrift store, you can call it vintage! 

Wedding Belt

What truly completes a bridal outfit is the addition of accessories and finishing touches. Bridal belts have a variety of accessories to choose from, including delicate rhinestone cinchers and plain-colored sashes. 

A wedding bridal belt can be removed for your reception and give the impression of an outfit change. Wearing a bridal belt is a glamorous way to add natural elements to your dress. 

Sash Belt 

Sash belts are made of cloth and do not require buckles. They are tied on top of dresses like a bow, and they are often made from silk to provide a more luxurious look. Sash belts are also known as wrap belts because they wrap around your waist. 

Ring Belt

There are two types of ring belts, the O ring belt, and the double ring belt. These belts are simply wrapped through a metal ring and have no buckle or other attachments. Once you figure out the knot, they are very simple to wear and are very adaptable. 

Obi Belt 

Usually worn on kimonos, Obi belts are considered a fashion statement, and the focal point of an outfit. They are long belts that serve as decoration and are worn around the body. 

Obi belts are tied together in a bow or another elegant knot. Cotton and linen are two fabrics used to make Obi belts. Nowadays, silk is also used to make formal belts for kimonos.

These belts are part of traditional outfits worn primarily in parts of Asia and form some of the most beautiful parts of Geisha clothing. 

Braided Belt

A key element to your summer dress, a braided belt requires long, silky leather strips to be skillfully twisted together to make a braid. Braided belts are utilized to meet both a functional and an aesthetically pleasing accessory. 

These belts are adjustable because there are no holes for the buckle prong. These can be worn with many types of outfits, including a boho chic outfit. 

Cotton Belt

Cotton belts are worn with skirts and dresses. They are lightweight and snatch your waist. They are known as skinny waist belts and are usually made to match the dress and give a breezy feeling. 

Linen Fabric Belt

You can wear linen belts with casual summer outfits, summer skirts, button-down shirts, and button-up shirts. Tie belt linen dresses are the perfect summer party outfit and are comfortable because of the loose belt. 

Embroidered Belt 

Embroidered belts look very chic and expensive. Different designs and patterns are available for embroidered belts, which bring charm to your individuality.

Knotted Belt 

Knotted belts are a fashion statement – they are easy to put on and effortlessly show intricate designs. Fashion telegraph Uk, calls them a moment of ‘agonizing origami’. They are usually made of leather. 

Pro Tip: Hair Tie Hack

A hair tie can be used to adjust any belt – just pull it near the end of your belt, draw it under and grab the top loop.


Belts are a great accessory to bring style to your dresses. There are different types of belts that you can use to enhance your everyday look. Belts on a dress can pull an outfit together, dictate a dress code, and even be a statement piece. 

So, now that you know how to tie a belt on a dress, you’re ready for your night out on the town. Remember, a good belt can elevate your outfit from regular everyday wear to something elegant and chic!

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