How To Style White Boots: 7 Stylish Looks For Women

White boots are all over town because they’ve become everyone’s favorite footwear. Unlike most fashion trends, they are not overhyped and I can say that this is a trend for everyone. At first, I was skeptical about the newfound love for white boots but I gave them a try and I can’t help but spread the word. 

After a few tries, I knew I had to give a guide on how to style white boots. This footwear is not one you’d wear once and be done with it. I can confidently say there are about three to five or more outfits in your closet that can work well with white boots. 

In this article, we will talk about the various ways you can style white boots and answer your frequently asked questions. 

How to Style White Boots with Jeans 

One of the easiest ways to style your white boots is with jeans. This is one of my go-to because it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a nice pair of jeans and white boots. Grab your favorite pair of jeans of any color and your boots. 

If you’re going for that casual look, your jeans can have a little rip in them. If you’re aiming for something chic, wear light blue jeans, a neutral color top, and a jacket or coat if need be. The best thing about creating an outfit from white boots is that you can play with colors but nothing too extreme. 

Also, it doesn’t matter if your white boots are ankle length or knee length, they go very well with jeans. I know some people might have reservations about wearing white jeans with their white boots but this is a great combination. Jean colors like white, gray, cream, etc., will go well with your white boots. 

Check out these combinations of jeans and white boots: 

  • Mom jeans + white boots 
  • Ripped jeans + white ankle boots
  • Skinny jeans + white knee-length boots
  • Ankle jeans + white ankle boots 
  • Low-rise jeans + white ankle boots 
  • High-waisted jeans + white knee-length boots 

How to Style White Boots with a Skirt

trendy white boots and jean skirt on a wood

Don’t know what to style your white boots with? Grab a skirt from the closet and see the magic happen. Skirts are another easy way to style your white boots. Since there are different styles and colors to choose from, you have endless combinations to put together. 

If you’re going for an official look, you can pair your white boots with a skirt, turtle neck, and a jacket. For something casual, you can wear a jean skirt.

These skirt combinations and white boots work very well: 

  • Leather skirt + white ankle boots 
  • Midi Skirt + white ankle boots
  • Jean skirt + white boots
  • Mini Skirt + white knee-length boots
  • Straight skirt + white boots 
  • Short Knife pleated skirt + white ankle boots 
  • Pencil skirt + white boots 

How to Style White Boots with Dresses 

Whether you’re a big fan of dresses or not, pairing them with white boots is guaranteed to make you look pretty. Like I’ve said before, styling white boots is easy, and pairing them with dresses is even easier. There’s a chance that a dress laying in your closet will match the white boots you’ve been eyeing for a while. 

Try these combinations of dresses and white boots: 

  • Floral dress
  • Maxi dress 
  • Bodycon dress 

Floral dresses are a must for white boots and work even better if you include a jacket or a coat. When wearing a maxi or floral dress with white boots, ensure the length of the dress doesn’t stop at the thick side of the calves – which can be unflattering. Bodycon dresses with high or ankle-white boots work too. 

How to Style White Boots with a Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is another amazing way to style your white boots. This is one of my favorites because of how easy it is to pull off – it works with any style of boots so it’s up to your personal preference. 

How to Style White Boots with Pants 

Styling your white boots with pants can go both ways – you can either style it up or down. When you’re going for a more formal look, it’s best to wear your boots with stiletto heels. For a casual look wear them with boots with block heels. 

There are several types of pants with different patterns, from stripes to polka dots. There are also a variety of colors to choose from so go ahead and try this out. 

How to Style White Boots with Pants and an All-White Outfit 

Another way to style white boots is by wearing a monochrome outfit. It could be jeans, a skirt or pants. This can work as casual or formal wear or in instances where you have an all-white dress code to follow. I’m going to give you an easy tip to ensure this look isn’t boring: accessorize.  

Accessorizing yourself with a purse, jewelry, and even a hat can spice up your outfit. Simply throwing a coat or jacket over your monochrome outfit can make it look more interesting. This tip also works when styling white boots with an all-black outfit, which you can also do. 

How to Style White Boots with Leggings 

Leggings are a great way to style white boots and they could be any color or style. When styling your white boots with leggings, pay attention to what you wear on the upper part of your body. You could wear a sweater dress, a jacket, a white shirt, a dress, etc.

Another interesting way to style white boots is by incorporating denim. This of course only works for a casual look and could include a denim skirt, jeans, shorts, jacket, jumpsuit, or dress. You can further style it with crop tops, shirts, turtle necks, sweaters, bodycon, or blazers. You can even opt for denim on denim with white boots.

Lastly, you can style white boots with cargo pants to create a casual outfit. White Chelsea boots and a pair of cargo pants with a crop top or graphic tee can work together to give you an amazing fit. 

What White Boots to Wear

White winter boots of bride

There are many different kinds of white boots you can pair with an outfit. The versatility is what makes white boots an interesting trend, but on the other hand, it can be confusing to know which one to choose for attire. The good news is, I’m here to share with you four easy-to-style white boots. They include: 

1. Chelsea Boots 

Chelsea boots are a must for a casual look. They work with almost anything, so having a pair of these in your closet can’t hurt. 

2. Pointed Toe Boots

Having white pointed-toe boots comes in handy when you’re going for formal attire. They give a chic and sophisticated look when you pair them with pants or dresses. 

3. Platform Boots

Platform boots are very versatile so they are a necessity. They are comfortable and go with practically anything. White platform boots can be styled with a pencil skirt and a blouse. Or you can style them down with blue denim jeans, a crop top, and a denim jacket. 

4. Western Boots

Western boots are also known as cowboy boots and if you’re going for a chic look, they can be easily styled. You can style white western boots with dresses, jeans, skirts, or sweater dresses. 

Accessories to Style With White Boots 

Styling your white boots with accessories is a great way to add excitement to your outfit. We are going to share with you five accessories you probably have laying around in your closet to style your white boots with.

1. Hats

Dresses, hats, and white boots are a combination that doesn’t go wrong. Jeans and hats are great also. Just make sure you’re wearing a hat that matches your outfit. Hats like sun hats, Panama hats, bucket hats, and baseball hats are common for accessorizing white boots. 

2. Bags 

In addition to being great for holding your essentials, bags are also great accessories. There are different styles of bags and if you’re going for a casual look, accessorize with a hobo bag, fanny pack, crossbody bag, micro bag, or baguette. For something less casual, purses, clutches, laptop bags, trapezoid bags, or satchels are great options.

3. Jewelry

Jewelry can be used to accessorize with your white boots. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make a statement – keep it simple and you’d see how much of a difference it makes in your outfit. If you’re stuck on what jewelry to wear, just put on a pair of earrings, a wristwatch, or a bracelet. 

4. Belts 

Wearing a belt around your waist can elevate your look. For example, wearing a wrap-around belt with your dress may look better than leaving it bare. I suggest you wear a belt if you’re going to tuck your top inside your pants. It is not a necessity but one of the ways you can easily accessorize. 

5. Sunglasses

A nice pair of sunglasses can spice your outfit. It’s fun to experiment on which one will work best on your outfit. Since sunglasses go with everything, chances are you’ll find one that suits you easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my white boots? 

Maintaining your white boots is very important. It ensures they will remain quality and appear attractive. Here’s how you clean your white boots

  1. Clean your boots with mild soap and a towel 
  2. Make sure the towel is damp and not dripping with water 
  3. Use a different towel to wipe off the first clean 
  4. Move to the soles of your boots and clean them with mild soap and a damp towel
  5. Wipe off the soap with a dry rag 
  6. Make sure you air-dry your boots 
  7. Only use your hands to clean your white boots
  8. Don’t forget to clean the inside of your boots 
  9. Don’t let anything wet touch the insides of your white boots 
  10. Use a dry rag to clean the insides of your boots 
  11. A few hours before you wear your boots, spray them with a leather spray or boots oil 

Can I wear white boots when it rains? 

Yes, you can wear white boots when it rains. I know many people worry about ruining their white boots during the rainy weather but it’s possible to rock your favorite footwear anytime. I suggest you invest in a pair of waterproof white boots to handle harsh weather. 

As an alternative, you can check the weather forecast for the day to see if there will be rain. A pair of sturdy white boots can handle a light shower. 

Are white boots still in style? 

Yes, white boots are still in style and they’ve been in style for years. White boots are a fashion trend that doesn’t seem to be declining. More people are becoming aware of the perks of having a pair of white boots in their closet. 

One of the things that ensure the longevity of white boots in the fashion world is their versatility. It doesn’t matter what your style is, a pair of white boots can do magic. Are you a black leather kind of person or a sundress kind of individual? It doesn’t matter because white boots complement any kind of style. 

Where can I buy white boots? 

You can buy white boots at any online or physical store. Since they’re in trend, you can find them almost anywhere. You don’t need to spend a lot to keep up with fashion trends – there are several affordable boots you can buy. Make sure you focus on quality as well as style. 


White boots are currently on trend and I don’t see them stepping down any time soon. You might be wary about joining the fashion trend but through this guide, I hope you’ve seen that white boots can go with any kind of style.

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