How To Style Paperbag Shorts

As a style enthusiast, I’ve noticed that paperbag shorts have become an essential addition to the modern wardrobe. With their high-waisted design and cinched look, they not only add a touch of elegance but also a relaxed vibe to any ensemble. I’ve found them to be an incredibly versatile piece, easy to dress up for a dinner date or dress down for a casual day out. More than just a fleeting trend, these shorts are a testament to how comfort and style can coexist. I feel put-together and on-trend when I pair them with the right top and accessories.

Finding the right pair of paperbag shorts can elevate your fashion game effortlessly. They flatter many figures by accentuating the waist and creating a balanced silhouette. Whenever I pop on a pair, I like to keep the rest of my outfit simple to let the shorts shine as a statement piece. The shorts are a focal point that pulls the look together, whether it’s with a fitted tank top or a breezy blouse. Styling options are plentiful and can be tailored for any occasion, which means these shorts are a garment I reach for time and again.

Key Takeaways

  • Paperbag shorts combine style with comfort, making them a versatile fashion piece.
  • They can be styled for multiple occasions, depending on the choice of top and accessories.
  • Selecting the right pair of paperbag shorts is vital to creating a flattering outfit.

Styling Tips for Every Occasion

Paperbag shorts have burst onto the fashion scene as a charming blend of comfort and style. Wondering how to wear them for different events? Below, I’m sharing specific style ideas for casual outings and dressy occasions, ensuring you look fantastic and feel cozy every step.

Creating a Casual Look

Pairing your paperbag shorts with a simple t-shirt is a no-brainer for a relaxed day out. Opt for a fitted or cropped tee to balance the voluminous shape of the shorts. Add a pair of sneakers or flat sandals, and you’ve got an outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable—ideal for a coffee run or a stroll in the park. Don’t forget a tote bag for your essentials and sunglasses to shield your eyes with a cool touch.

Dressing Up for Special Events

Transitioning paperbag shorts into evening wear is easier than you might think. Choosing a blouse with a sophisticated bow or pleated details elevates the ensemble instantly. Add a belt to cinch in the waist and slip into some strappy heels to elongate your legs. If the event calls for it, top it off with a blazer for an added touch of class. The result? An effortlessly chic look that’s perfect for a dinner date or a night out with friends.

Accessorizing Your Shorts

Accessories can make or break your paperbag shorts outfit. A wide belt can accentuate your waist, or you can opt for one with a statement buckle for a focal point. If you’re hitting the beach, a sun hat and sandals will keep you cool and stylish. When dressing up, think about adding jewelry like long necklaces or bangles that complement, not overpower, your look. The right accessories are vital to making your paperbag shorts work for all occasions.

Choosing the Right Pair

When I hunt for the perfect pair of paperbag shorts, I focus on two crucial aspects: fit and style. Let’s dive into how to snag that flattering pair that will have you strutting in confidence.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The charm of paperbag shorts is all in the fit. Flattering the waist is their superpower, thanks to the cinched design. I always look for a fit that’s snug at the waist but gives me room to breathe elsewhere. To determine your best fit:

  • Measure your waist and compare it with sizing charts.
  • Opt for shorts that allow for a bit of give at the hips for comfort.
  • Pay attention to the rise; the high-waist design should sit comfortably and not dig in.

Color and Fabric Selection

Choosing the color and fabric of paperbag shorts can be a delightful dilemma. Here’s a quick rundown to make it easy:


  • Neutrals like khaki are versatile and a cinch to mix and match.
  • Bright colors make a statement and are perfect for summer.
  • Green paperbag shorts can jazz up your outfit with a pop of earthy tones.
  • You can never go wrong with black shorts; they’re a staple.


  • Denim shorts are durable and casual, ideal for daily wear.
  • Lighter fabrics like cotton or linen are breezy for those scorching days.

Remember, my golden rule: If it makes you feel great, wear it!

My Final Thoughts

Have you ever stood in front of your closet, paperbag shorts in hand, wondering what top would turn heads? You’re not alone! These trendy shorts have the charm to elevate a casual look or add ease to a dressy outfit. Remember, it’s all about balance. With the billowy silhouette of paperbag shorts, I like to pair a fitted top to streamline the look. And please, don’t shy away from tucking it in; that’s how you showcase the playful waistline!

Accessorizing? Absolutely! Sometimes, I cinch my waist with a sleek belt. It’s a nifty trick to accentuate the shorts’ shape and give my outfit a polished edge. In the realm of footwear, I lean towards strappy sandals or chic flats. They have a magic touch, especially when I’m aiming for a blend of comfort and style.

Now, to the fabric choices that can make or break your look. For a breezy summer day, I opt for lightweight cotton or linen. But who said you can’t rock paperbag shorts when it’s cooler? I’ve found that sturdier materials handle the transition to fall with grace.

When it comes to colors and patterns, the sky’s the limit. But I have a soft spot for classic solid colors—they open up a world of mix-and-match possibilities.

So, ready to give those paperbag shorts a spin? They’re playful, they’re chic, and they’ve got character. As for me, I’ll keep embracing them with open arms—pairing, accessorizing, and confidently walking out the door. How about you?

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