How to Style Oversized Shirts Like a Fashionista

Every girl has at least one or two oversized shirts in her closet. As people like Hailey Bieber have amply shown, oversized shirts can make quite a bold fashion statement! However, before you start wearing spacious shirts, you should at least know how to style oversized shirts properly.

As someone with a keen eye for fashion, oversized shirts have fascinated me for a long time. Apart from the fact they make the perfect garment for virtually all body shapes, this piece of clothing can be readily fashioned to give various looks.

Used right, oversized clothing can serve as business casual outfits, and beachwear, or can even be used to create an academic vibe!

So, keep reading to explore some of the limitless possibilities for you with the oversized shirt trend!

How to Style Oversized Shirts – The Complete Guide

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As far as fashion trends go, the baggy shirt trend is arguably the most versatile for me. This is because there are so many awesome ways you can rock roomy shirts that you’re essentially spoiled for choice.

But, to be able to harness the limitless potential of any oversized shirt, you have to know just what it is you’re wearing in the first place.

To help with that, I’ll be providing a complete walkthrough on everything from what an oversized T-shirt is to the best ways you can wear these baggy-style clothes in the summer months.


Oversized Shirts – What Exactly Are They?

Very much like the name suggests, oversized clothes are loose-fitting garments that hang freely on any body type. Thanks to that, these roomy shirts are often used to hide curves and instead draw more attention to the lower parts of your body frame.

An oversized shirt can reach anywhere from just past your hips to just above your mid-thigh region.

This makes these remarkably easy to pair with everything from baggy trousers to denim shorts, a pair of bike shorts, high-rise pants, a pair of sweatpants, and even a nice pair of leggings.

These types of clothing are so amazing that even basic pieces like a plain oversized T-shirt can be styled into something remarkably fashionable and memorable.

Body-loving oversized shirts have been around for quite some time. However, most people chose to use them for running errands and nothing more.

However, with big names in the fashion industry like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi truly buying into the oversized shirt trend, more and more innovative ways of using this classic shirt size have since been introduced.

Moving forward, one thing I’ve discovered is that oversized shirts aren’t for everyone. More to the point, not all baggy clothes are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Along these lines, let’s take a quick look at some of the most important things to consider when shopping for an oversized T-shirt.

How to Choose the Perfect Oversized Clothing

Whether you plan on rocking them with a pair of shorts, black bike shorts, or ankle-length dress pants, you need to consider the various features of the shirt very carefully.

This is because I’ve noticed that people who can pick the right oversized shirts for themselves from the get-go know how to style them better and more conveniently.

In keeping with this, some of the most important things I’ve learned to keep an eye out for when choosing an amazing piece of oversized clothing include:

The Price of the Oversized Shirt Outfits

When looking to get baggy clothes that ooze the chic vibes you love so much, the price tag the piece of clothing carries should be carefully considered. One of the biggest determinants of how much baggy shirt-style clothing goes for is the type of clothing it is.

Most people tend to have a particular fashion house they look to when searching for a perfect garment. Now, the standing of this fashion house, coupled with the quality of the material, can have a huge influence on how much the oversized clothing costs.

This is why an oversized cotton shirt from Coperni won’t cost nearly as much as a simple white cotton shirt of the same size from Louis Vuitton.

Because of this, in addition to considering the level of quality of the material of the oversized shirt, you should note how much it costs as well.

The Quality of the Baggy Shirt

Many people tend to believe the quality of the material of roomy shirts doesn’t matter as much when compared to more fitted clothes. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

This is because, just like with every other kind of apparel, it’s crucial your baggy outfits are able to easily withstand wear and tear.

Of course, for any piece of clothing to be able to meet this minimum requirement, the fabric that it’s made of must be top-tier. Again, the quality of the material that your body-loving oversized shirt is made of would be largely determined by the fashion house it’s coming from.

To ensure the quality of your oversized clothes, I always recommend you stick with a fashion label whose work you’re intimately familiar with. That way, the quality of your clothes will never fall into question.

The same principle applies, even when shopping on online platforms like Amazon. Opt for brands that prioritize material quality and have a rock-solid return and exchange policy. This increases the chance that you’ll be satisfied with the products you get.

The Material of the Oversized Shirts

As you must’ve noticed by now, the material of your oversized button-up shirts is very important. Now, besides ensuring you have a piece of clothing made of superior quality material, you should also note comfortability and ease of wearing.

To ensure this, the first thing that I recommend you consider is the fabric the baggy outfits are made of.

For me, the best oversized clothes are those made of highly breathable materials. Usually, I go for roomy shirts of linen, cotton, or a mix of polyester and cotton.

Silk is also quite nice, but I’ve found it can be a bit of a hit-or-miss kind of fabric. One reason for this is that the fabric seems more naturally suited for figure-hugging outfits.

Some other excellent materials worth giving a shot include plaids and flannels as they blend perfectly well with the different seasons.

Great Ways to Style Your Oversized Dress in 2023

wearing oversized shirt

Now that you know everything about this type of clothing, the next step becomes learning how to style oversized shirts properly. I’ll be going over how to do this like a pro with several different outfits.

Oversized Shirts X Jeans

Be they black jeans, blue jeans, or white jeans, your oversized clothing will fit over this clothing like a glove. The beauty of it all is that there are tons of ways that you can style this piece of clothing with your denim shorts or skinny jeans.

I sometimes try the French tuck when I want a more poised air to my appearance. When I’m feeling more adventurous, I leave the shirt completely untucked and pop a few buttons to reveal hints of a particularly pretty bra.

You can then cap your outfit with black ankle boots or biker boots and watch heads turn wherever you walk.

Oversized Shirts X Leggings

An oversized shirt with leggings for me is a match made in heaven. This particular combination is a personal favorite of mine on days when I want comfort above all else.

At such times, I just dig up my Louis Vuitton classic oversized shirt (with super bold colors,) get a comfortable pair of leggings, and slide on strappy sandals or a pair of Yeezy sneakers.

When we’re past the warm summer months and there’s a little nip in the air, I add a warm knit sweater to my outfit. I either wear this directly over the shirt or just drape it over my shoulders, depending on how cold it is.

A black blazer works just fine in place of a sweater too, so you have lots of options!

Oversized Shirts X High-Waisted Bottoms

While not often seen, there are times when your oversized shirt would look perfect when it’s completely tucked in. During such times, you want to pair your baggy shirt with high-waisted bottoms.

What’s interesting is that the high-waisted bottoms can be anything from a black mini-skirt to white shorts or pants. These outfits work because these bottoms will draw more focus to your waist, and reveal your silhouette in all its glory.

Of course, you can choose to not tuck in at all here and you’ll still look great. It all depends on what you want and the look you want to pull off.


When you know how to style oversized shirts like a fashionista, changing your looks and dazzling those around you becomes easy. From choosing your oversized shirt wisely to pairing it with the right outfit, you now have all you need to take the world by storm!Check out this link for more great fashion tips from me!

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