How to Style Overalls and 10 Great Styles to Give a Try

Overalls are back in fashion, and many are overjoyed because these loose-fitting garments are very comfortable to wear and can look very charming as a casual outfit.

Despite their comfortable fit, overalls are not the easiest garment to own for one big reason: they can be difficult to style.

If you don’t style overalls correctly, your look can easily turn out the wrong way: you’ll look more like an outdated farmer than a trendy fashion lover. 

Because so many have a tough time wearing overalls, we’re going to show you how to style overalls with the help of various accessories for different occasions. 

What are Overalls?

Overalls, also referred to as dungarees or bib-and-brace overalls, are essentially a pair of high-waisted trousers with attached suspenders and a pocketed chest piece. 

This garment was originally developed as a form of protective clothing to protect your clothes or body when you were doing some type of physical labor. Because this outfit was designed as a form of protective clothing, it was originally made from a sturdy type of denim. However, now it can also be made from corduroy, chino cloth, canvas, or leather. 

While the design of overalls hasn’t changed much over the last century, its function did. These garments are no longer used as workwear, but are currently used as fashion or statement pieces in wardrobes. Because overalls aren’t designed for the sole purpose of work anymore, they’re now made from a wider range of materials, including thinner and more airy fabric types. 

How to Style Overalls

Overalls are superb for layering and can be used to create a huge variety of fun, casual looks. They can even be used to create looks for more formal occasions. Let’s take a look at some outfit ideas, and discuss the best ways to style overalls so you’ll be able to wear them more often and for a greater variety of activities.

The Simple Tee Everyday Overall Look

One of the easiest ways to wear your overalls is with a simple T-shirt. This is also the traditional way to wear overalls –  it’s still just as popular as it was back when people started wearing overalls as statement wear instead of just workwear. 

I love this look for everyday casual wear, but with this minimalist style, the outfit can seem a bit too plain, and you can easily end up looking like a farmer.

To perk up your look a bit, you can pair your basic top with more colorful overalls. Black overalls paired with a crisp white shirt are always a good combination that results in a classy, modern vibe. 

Washed denim overalls with a plain red shirt can also be a good combination for a more urban vibe. You can also keep things traditional by pairing your blue denim overalls with a crisp white shirt, as long as you add lots of funky accessories, like a good pair of shades and some stylish sneakers.

The Crop Top Feminine Overall Look

woman wearing overall

Crop tops are very fashionable and trendy at the moment. Pairing your overalls with a crop top is the perfect way to make this historic garment look very modern. The feminine top will also make the overalls look a little bit softer.

For this look, you can choose a pair of linen overalls that fit nice and loosely. Pair them with a fitted crop top to add some structure and roll up your pant hems a little so you can show off a pair of stylish sneakers that compliment the outfit colors. If your overall look is still too baggy, then drop one of the overall straps and let it dangle over just one shoulder. 

With a stylish crop top, you don’t have to worry about adding too many accessories or bright colors. The crop top will give that modern edge and sexy look all on its own. You can pull this look off with just neutrals, like white overalls, a white crop top, and a pair of white sneakers, or by pairing everything in blue. 

Since this look is very versatile, there is, of course, no reason you can’t throw a colorful crop top into the mix. The bright colors will create lots of contrast and will accentuate that little bit of skin you’re willing to show off around your belly. 

The Sports Bra Sporty Overall Look

To create a sporty look with your overalls, you can layer them over a sports bra and unhook one of the sides to accentuate the sporty look. It’s best to use oversized overalls so you can maintain lots of movement. The layer of chunky fabric will also make the skin you’re showing look a lot more feminine. 

This outfit can be paired with some trainers. You can roll up your hems to draw more focus toward your ankles and sporty shoes, or let them fall loose over your shoes if you want to keep the focus on your sports bra. 

To complete this fun look, we recommend a good pair of sunglasses and a shoulder bag or mini backpack. These accessories will add a little bit more dimension and character to your look. 

The Button-Down Business Casual Overall Look

For a business casual look, you can pair your classic denim overalls with a crisp, white button-down shirt. This combination of garments will give you a relaxed, yet structured look. The outfit might not exactly be ideal for an office setting, but it’s ideal as a stylish weekend look.

If you want to add a little pop of color, it’ll look fantastic to add some colorful accessories, like brightly colored sneakers and a brightly colored hair bow. 

Another way to add some color is by switching out the plain white shirt with something a little bit brighter and more eye-catching. 

The Winter Sweater Overall Look

Classic overall types, like denim or corduroy, are ideal for winter wear, since the thick fabric can offer good protection from chilly winds. If you want to create a trendy winter look, then you can pair your overalls with a beautiful sweater for extra warmth.

Wear the sweater underneath the overalls along with some comfortable sneakers that pair well with the overall outfit. 

With the sweater, you can be a little bit flexible and opt for something textured like a slouchy turtleneck, a striped knit top, or a chunky sweater that’s going to help soften up the look. You can also layer this outfit with a crossbody statement handbag and a few jewelry pieces like Pandora rings.

The Shortall Summer Overall Look

woman in summer look jumper

Overalls come in many shapes and designs, including cropped or short forms. Shortalls are a good option for a hot summer day, because they’re just as comfortable, significantly cooler, and just as stylish as classic overalls. 

For shortalls, there are many different styling options. The most popular way to wear them is over a baby tee or cropped top. If you want to make a fashion statement, then you can pair your classic overalls with a fun striped shirt. 

For a more muted look, you can look for overalls in neutral colors, like olive green, gray, or khaki, and pair them with a plain color or animal print shirt.

These short outfits can be paired with sneakers, but on extremely hot days or for a very casual vibe, you can also throw on a pair of flip-flops or sandals.

The Plaid Winter Overall Look

A lot of people are afraid to pair a flannel shirt with overalls, because flannels are so often associated with the hillbilly farm look. I am here to whisk all those fears away because, with the right combination, even these checkered prints can look stunning. 

Flannels are great for colder winter months and you can pair them with chunky cardigans for an added touch of warmth. 

To avoid the country look, we recommend you wear your overalls over a plain, black shirt. The plaid shirt can then be worn over the overalls as a light jacket. This will give your outfit a lot of contrast, and will create a more flowy look that suits the windy winters perfectly.

If your outfit still has too much of a country vibe, then you should roll up the pant legs a little bit and add a couple of stylish ankle boots. Ankle boots with a little heel will give your outfit a feminine touch, and will add a lot of structure to your look.

The Heels and Blouse Office Overall Look

It isn’t very easy to achieve an office look with overalls, but even this look is achievable if you only add the right accessories. 

For a more formal look, you should add a stylish blouse underneath your overalls. A button-down blouse will add a lot of structure to your look, and can make it look a lot more professional. 

Next, you’ll need a pair of high heels. The high heels will give the baggy overalls a much more feminine and structured appearance and you can even add a little tennis bracelet for some glamor. 

Finally, you can pair this look with a lovely trench coat, or perhaps even a loose-fitting blazer. The loose jacket will help create a business-like feel and will make your outfit look more complete.

The Chunky Boot Urban Overall Look

Overalls already look pretty grungy, and if you pair them with a set of chunky boots you’ll have the perfect tough girl image. The chunky shoes will add a bit of height to your look, and give you a retro overall appearance. 

You can add a bit of layering to this outfit by wearing a plain T-shirt underneath.

For this look, you can explore all sorts of colors. Pair a couple of brown overalls with a light shirt and black shoes for a retro look, or combine a pair of washed denim overalls with a black shirt and black shoes for a tougher street look.

Because your shoes are the main attraction point of this outfit, it’s best to keep your base outfit a little bit muted so the main focus can be drawn toward your shoes. 

The Bold and Beautiful Bright Overall Look

Even though overalls are mostly found in neutral tones or denim colors, they are sometimes made in bright colors or even prints. This might be a rare find in stores, but if you do happen on one, then you should definitely grab it. 

There’s absolutely no reason to shy away from bright colors or prints. These vivid hues will give your outfit a trendy and modern appearance and will completely eliminate any associations with the farm or country trend.

If you have a solid color overall, then you can layer it with a stripe or printed shirt for a bit more dimension. If your overalls already feature a print, then you should stick to a plain base shirt so your overall look won’t seem too over the top.

Wear your vivid overalls with a pair of sneakers that complement your overall look or pair them with some heels if you want to add a bit of drama to your appearance. 

Final Thoughts

Overalls can be used to create many fun looks and are terrific wardrobe essentials to invest in if you want a more flexible wardrobe. 

I hope this guide on how to style overalls gave you lots of inspiration so you can create some stylish outfits of your own for casual wear or outings!If you’re looking for other great style tips for other types of garments, then have a look at some of the other guides we have on Outfit By Bliss. With these guides, you can learn a great deal about fashion and find lots of fun looks to create all of your basic wardrobe essentials.

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