How to Style Flare Jeans – Everything You Should Know

Skinny jeans have had a good run. But, there are few things more in vogue right now than a nice pair of flare jeans. As everything old becomes new again, you must know how to rock these chic outfits properly. In essence, you need to know how to style flare jeans.

While you can always choose to make 70s references with your flare jeans outfit ideas, don’t forget that you can do so much more with these denim styles. As a long-time fashion editor, I’ve spent a lot of time covering flare-leg jeans.

I’ve discovered that this style of jeans requires a special kind of approach to make them truly stunning and cute outfits. For those looking to hop on one of the biggest fashion trends right now, here’s all you need to know to rock flare jeans like a runway model!

Flare Jeans – What They Are

flare jeans

Blue and black flare jeans are essentially pants that carry key silhouettes that are shaped like a vertical trumpet. This means that these styles of jeans feature a highly form-fitting top half that gradually spreads into a bell-bottom shape at the lower half.

These bell-bottom styles of jeans first came into the limelight and took the fashion world by storm in the late 60s and early 70s. They were so iconic that these denim bell bottoms are still regarded to this day as one of the greatest heights of 70s fashion.

Apart from the fact that this amazing denim trend has an easily attainable aesthetic, it scores top marks where comfortability is concerned, as well. The baggy silhouette is evidence they aren’t as constrictive as skinny jeans.

How to Style Flare Jeans Like a Pro

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what these chic outfits are, let’s go over my styling trick collection for making even basic denim flares stand out any day of the week!


Flare Jeans With a Blazer

Like most people, I used to think flare jeans were only best for giving casual vibes. After all, clothing like message T-shirts and graphic T-shirts with bright colors seem to fit flare jeans so perfectly.

However, I recently found out that, styled just right, flare jeans can work just fine for formal events, as well. Complementing your flare jeans with blazers, like suede jackets, adds extra style to how you look.

This pair of trousers with a blazer to match gives you a classy and sophisticated look that passes your message across elegantly and eloquently.

So, if you’re looking for a new business casual outfit to try out, I’d recommend this combo any day, any time.

Flare Jeans With a Blouse

flare jeans with blouse

Personally, I consider this one of the best modern reinventions of the 70s fashion craze for flare jeans.

I was truly amazed at how well a flared pair of jeans matched different types of blouses. From the button-down collared blouse to the boho blouse combo, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with the new 70s-inspired flares out there today.

Wondering why any of this is important?

By far the biggest reason is that these particular flare jeans outfit ideas help you look both feminine and effortlessly stylish. I mean, who can resist flare jeans and a bohemian fashion combo?

I’ve also discovered that the 70s silhouette I get with these outfit styles works both as a super casual outfit and as formal attire. When matched with pointed-toe heels, block-heel boots or heeled sandals, the beauty of the outfit stands out even more distinctly.

Flare Jeans With Wool Coats

The pairing for flare jeans gets even better as you can easily fit this pair of flare trousers into your winter attire, as well.

While perfect as a breezy summer outfit, I received good results when I tried meshing black and blue flare jeans with a wool coat. To start with, my overall visage was stunning (forgive me for tooting my own horn!)

Worn over flare trousers, your wool coat becomes a true fashion statement piece that adds a lot of class and refinement to how you look.

Whether you choose to go with a well-tailored or relaxed fit coat, these wide-leg jeans will ensure that you have a chic, fun, cool appearance.

Flare Jeans With a Leather Jacket

Be it a brown or black leather jacket, a leather blazer is always a smart investment! Every girl needs at least one in their closet. They’re both strong and durable, two essential characteristics if you put these clothing items to constant use.

However, in addition to being long-lasting, a leather jacket has this unique way of making everything look amazing. Coupled with brown leather boots or black ankle boots, it can give you a truly free, edgy look.

For those who would like to trade the edgy look that a leather utility jacket comes with for something more feminine, that’s possible and easy, too! You only need to wear strappy heels, heeled sandals, or nude heels in place of black or burgundy leather boots, and, voilà!

Flare Jeans With a Sweatshirt

I’ll confess, I was one of those who used to get sweatshirts for the sole purpose of lounging around at home and keeping warm. That said, it didn’t take too long to realize the hidden potential of these tops to be great outdoor wear.

One reason for this is that these outfits get top marks in the places that matter.

They’re super comfy to wear. They’re durable. They blend perfectly with different styles of jeans, such as flare pants. More precisely, on flare pants, these tops look simply delightful.

Rocking this attire with a closed shoe is a great way to step out for a casual meeting with friends. You’ll be warm, comfortable, and look incredibly stylish.

Flare Jeans With Dusters

From time to time, you may want to rock your flare pants with a simple, lightweight top. This kind of outfit on flare pants is just right for those who want to subtly make a fashion statement.

This is an indispensable aspect of learning how to style flare jeans for me since this particular approach gives you complete control over what you show/don’t show people.

This chic look can help you effortlessly conceal aspects of yourself you’re currently very conscious of. As an example, you could use this flare jeans outfit idea to pull attention away from thicker thighs or a bulging midsection.

The one thing to keep in mind here, though, is the length of the duster you’ll be wearing.

Remember these outfits come in various sizes. You’ll ideally need to change what shoes you wear following this. For instance, when I wear longer dusters, I prefer to follow through with a pair of heels, also.

I believe the pair of heels adds a much-needed level of balance to my overall look.

Now that you know some great ways to style your flare jeans, let’s check out the different kinds of these outfits you can get.

Common Types of Flare Pants to Know

In addition to knowing how to style flare jeans, you should also be familiar with the various types of jeans in this category. With that in mind, the most common flare pants include:

#1 – The Classic Blue Wash Flare Jeans

These light-wash flares are the go-to bottoms of choice for those who favor more subdued colors over bolder color trends. They’re stylish, but don’t overly draw attention to your outfit.

#2 – The Rib Cage Cut Flare Jeans

This style of jeans is reserved for wearers who want to give an illusion of height. High-waist and high-rise flare jeans fall in this category and give your body shape a more elongated appearance.

#3 – Distressed Flare Jeans

People who don’t appreciate a clear-cut silhouette will love the bunch of options they can explore with distressed flare jeans. This pair of trousers comes with well-positioned rips and holes that give you an edgier look.

#4 – Patterned Flare Jeans

If you’re stylish and want the world to know it, flare pants with patterns and bright colors may be just right for you. These bright color clothes come with refreshing prints and images that add more finesse to your looks.


As far as groovy form-fitting clothes go, you can’t do much better than flare jeans. Even without the 70s references, flare jeans are an iconic trend that won’t be going anywhere soon.

Once you know how to style flare jeans and make sure you pick the right pants for you, the rest is easy. So, start rocking this retro silhouette today!See more fashion tips here!

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