How To Style Bangs for Different Hair Types in 2023

Bangs are a stylish hairstyle. They are fairly easy to maintain and are suitable for almost everyone. However, one challenge women face is knowing how to style bangs for different hair types. There’s a chance your styling routine for your hair texture is causing your bangs to look unattractive.

There are many different styling options when it comes to doing your bangs. In this article, I will share with you the various ways you can style different types of bangs. 

How To Style Bangs

Curtain Bangs 

woman with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are one of the most popular and stylish bangs right now. They open from the middle of your hair and then appear like a curtain. These bangs frame your face with soft layers that hit the eyebrows and continue toward the cheekbones. 

How To Style Curtain Bangs 

It’s best to take your time while styling these types of bangs and start with styling the bangs before other parts of your hair so you don’t over-dry your hair. 

First, wet your bangs then blow dry the bangs from under, away from your face. Use a barrel round brush to style your hair then set it with a hairspray. A tip is to direct the bangs to the sides of your face. 

Long Bangs 

Long bangs cover and go past the forehead. They usually stop at the eyebrows and can be straight or tousled. This type of bang is flattering to people with large foreheads. 

How To Style Long Bangs 

Long bangs are one of the least easy types of bangs to style. It takes longer to achieve the desired look and you need to be patient because using a flat iron isn’t an option. Heat causes the bangs to look flat which is not as flattering as you imagine. 

Instead, ensure your bangs are wet. Use a boar bristle round brush and blow dryer to blow the bangs out. Boar bristle brush will cause less breakage while combing your hair. It also creates that extra volume you need for long bangs. 

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Curly Bangs 

Curly bangs are suitable for people with naturally curly hair. People often assume curly-haired individuals cannot rock bangs but this is wrong. Just don’t cut your curly bangs too short as this is not flattering. This style is easy and doesn’t take long. 

How To Style Curly Bangs

The best way to style curly bangs is to use hair products that define your curls. However, don’t overuse products so it’s not oily. You can use a hair dryer on low heat and then add volume to your bangs by using a small brush. The downside of this type of bang is that it’s easy for it to get greasy which can cause breakouts on your forehead. 

4. Side Bangs 

Side bangs are swooped to one side of the face. Side-swept bangs often cover a section of the forehead. However, it’s common to see side bangs that are parted in the middle of the head so both sides of your forehead are covered. 

How To Style Side Bangs

Styling side bangs is easy and doesn’t require lots of effort. The first step is to wet your bangs then bring them in the direction you want them to stay then blow dry them. Don’t overdo it with the blow drier, simplicity is key in styling side bangs.

Use a strong-hold hair spray to keep your bangs in place. I suggest you do your bangs before the rest of your hair. It helps your cowlick situation and it’s easier. 

Tips On How To Style Bangs

woman with bangs

Here are some helpful tips for styling bangs:

Pay Attention to Your Face Shape

Before you get bangs and style them, consider the shape of your chips which will determine how flattering the bangs will look on you. This will ensure you’re satisfied with your look and give you a distinct style each time.

Brush Your Bangs Forward 

Brushing under your bangs is a no-no when styling them. However, if you want round-shaped bangs with volume, brushing under your bangs with a paddle brush is how you achieve this look. Don’t forget to push the bangs downward or side to side. 

Regularly Trim Your Bangs

Ensure you trim your bangs from time to time so they don’t hang at an awkward length on your head. Since bangs grow fast, you should schedule trimming every two-three weeks. 

Keep It Simple With The Products 

Some products claim to be suitable for bangs and although they might be, you don’t need all products that specify they are for bangs. The best way to use products is to see what works for you.

If you use too much, your bangs will end up looking oily and tousled. Once you’ve found the products that work for you, stick to them and apply them in small quantities to your bangs. 

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Wash Your Bangs Frequently

You must have a different washing schedule for your bangs since you put several products on them and they are closer to your face which means there’s more chance of breaking out on your forehead. You don’t have to wash all your hair at the same time you wash your bangs. 

Be Certain 

Getting bangs requires commitment and maintenance. You need to be certain of your choice and stick with it. This will ensure you regularly keep them stylish and fresh. 

Types of Bangs Suitable for Your Face 

woman with bangs

Heart-Shaped Face 

People with heart-shaped faces need thin wispy bangs to compliment the softness of their face shape. 

Square-Shaped Face 

This shape of the face is suitable for full bangs reaching the brows. The thicker the bangs, the better. If you want you can style the bangs by splitting them in the middle and letting them rest by the side. 

Round-Shaped Face

People with round faces are better suited with thick side bangs which help to give extra definition to your cheeks and lengthen the jawline. 

Oval Shape Face 

Oval-shaped face individuals can wear any type of bangs, including messy bangs and straight bangs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bangs easy to style?

Yes, bangs are easy to style. Once you’ve got the hang of how your bang needs to be styled and the products and tools you need, there’s nothing else to do. Most people find styling bangs hard because they are not patient enough to go through the process and don’t have enough time in their day to maintain their bangs. 

Can a round face wear bangs?  

Yes, women with round faces can wear bangs. If you have this shape of the face, side bangs are best for you. Most people with round faces might be hesitant to get this look because they think it will make their faces look rounder. On the contrary, side bangs add definition to a round face and are an attractive look.

How long do bangs last? 

How long bangs last depends on how often you style them, the type of bangs you have, and how you maintain them. Ideally, bangs can last for a day or two before you have to restyle them.

For bangs to last, you need to regularly maintain them which includes washing them, trimming the ends, and using the proper styling routine. Some types of bangs require you to touch and style them every day while you can quickly run your finger through other types. 

What can I wear on my bangs to style them? 

To style your bangs you can wear bandanas, clips, or headbands. For bandanas, put your hair up in a ponytail then style your bangs to a side pattern and top it off with a bandana. If you have side bangs you can also use clips to hold your bangs to either side of your face. 

Headbands and bangs work great together. You can leave your hair up, down, or to the side and use headbands. 

What shape of the face is curtain bangs suitable for? 

Curtain bangs (also called curtain fringe) are suitable for women with rectangular faces, especially those that are long enough to reach the cheekbones. I should say that most hairdressers can manipulate curtain bangs to suit different types of faces. So if you don’t have a rectangular face, don’t give up on this style yet. 

Are long bangs still in style? 

Yes, long bangs are still in style. This type of bang is popular among celebrities and normal individuals going about their day-to-day activities. Although most people might stay away from them because they look plain, they are one of the most flattering bangs you can get.


If you’ve been thinking of getting bangs, now is a great time. Not only are bangs always in style, but they also frame your face and give you a flattering look. There are so many styles to choose from while learning how to style bangs for your hair type.

With the help of this article, nothing is holding you back from getting this hairstyle and rocking it. 
Don’t forget to look through my website for more amazing styling tips to improve your fashion this new year. Cheers!

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