An Expert’s Guide on How to Style Baggy Jeans in 2023

You don’t need to be an avid fashionista to know that fashion industry standards change on a dime. Right now, we’re seeing a shift from fertility-inhibiting skinny jeans to less constrictive jeans. So, this year, you might want to start thinking of how to style baggy jeans.

The unique design elements of baggy boyfriend and dad jeans exude a cool factor that’s tough to beat. While it’s indeed reminiscent of 90s fashion, baggy-jean outfits go great with everything, from button-down shirts to blazers!

This dream pair of jeans also work well for several occasions, too. I’ve worn my favorite baggy jeans both for formal and casual outings. With the endless styling possibilities you get here, getting on the anti-skinny jean style is more than just hopping on the latest fashion trends.

Oversized jeans are becoming a simple and practical fixture for fashionistas all over the world. Here, I’ll be sharing the best tips on how to rock these baggy style outfits and accentuate your feminine details!

How to Style Baggy Jeans

wearing baggy jeans

Ready to step out in wide-leg jeans looking like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber?

Here are a few styling tips you can rock to bring the very best out of that baggy silhouette!

Baggy Jeans Outfit and White T-Shirt

This fashion clothes combo is so classy and timeless that it almost doesn’t bear mentioning.

This denim inspiration especially appeals to me because it follows a “less is more approach” that we don’t get to see often enough today in the fashion industry.

It keeps things simple, direct, and comfortable.

You only need to put on your flared denim baggy-style jeans and a nice white shirt, and you’re all good. The white shirt will accentuate the bold denim jeans more vividly, and refine the silhouette of the entire get-up.

You can then finish the look off with colorful sneakers, casual footwear, or even heeled boots. This will add more balance to your style and give your frame an elongated, well-rounded appearance.

Baggy Jeans and a Blouse

For date night, I sometimes like to give a highly contemporary vibe. Although many fashion departments and trends help me do this quite nicely, the endless styling options I now get with baggy denim outfits always make them my first choice.

One reason for this is that, styled with a pretty blouse, my baggy jeans help add a very relaxed air to my appearance, making them the perfect wear for a first date.

If you’d like to look sharp and collected with this outfit idea, you could consider sticking with jeans with dark washes or dark blue washes. Topped with a floral print blouse, you’ll get that fresh and pretty look that attracts and holds your date’s attention.

You could take things a step further and highlight your neck and body shape by tucking in the blouse. To get an elongated silhouette here, complete your look with a nice pair of heels or ankle boots.

Baggy Jeans Outfit and Blazer Styles

Even a neutral blazer can do much to transform your baggy outfits. Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to style blazers, you can use this to readily pull the look of your loose jeans together.

For example, if you’re shooting for androgynous visuals, you could ensure you highlight your silhouette with a fitted innerwear before donning oversized blazers.

For those in search of exact styling options that further accentuate their feminine details, you’d need to get a more fitted blazer. I recommend a block-color blazer over a fitted shirt. This will properly contour your body while adding a relaxed touch to your looks.

To round the look off nicely, you could wear a statement necklace and gold earrings. You should also be sure to ditch combat boots in favor of leather loafers, plimsolls, or other cute flats.

Baggy Jeans and Double Denim

There was a time when a denim jacket or top worn on dad jeans was considered a major fashion blunder. Thankfully, the denim trend has come a long way since those days. As a matter of fact, double denim has become one of the best ways to rock jeans today.

When it comes to knowing how to style baggy jeans with double denim, never forget there are tons of approaches you can take.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of layering my white shirt with a denim jacket. I then add chunky gold to the mix and put on flats for good effect. It gives me a balanced and refreshing look that gets compliments all day long.

For some fashionistas, their perfect pairing is a full denim-on-denim match with different boot styles.

In either case, you can’t really go wrong with this baggy jeans outfit idea.

Baggy Jeans and a Statement Coat

Be it for casual or office-ready outfit ideas, one factor you must always keep in mind when looking at baggy jean pairings is dimensions. This is because, 90s trend or not, properly styling baggy-jean outfits can get quite tricky sometimes.

And, that is more so the case when you throw a statement coat into the mix.

With most other baggy jeans outfit ideas, the focus is usually on things like better waist and hem contour definement. However, when a statement coat is involved, I’ve found you get the best results when you opt for a design that’s calf-length.

Granted, this approach isn’t very conventional. Still, I like the fact that while it won’t give a very tapered silhouette, it offers a bold shoulder and waist definition.

One of my best fall looks of all time, this lowkey outfit, paired with just the right casual footwear and handbag, will have you looking like a celebrity-style star for sure.

Baggy Jeans and Boxy Sweaters

Who says you can’t get a chic finish with your cozy cashmere sweater?

True, these probably won’t easily make a great office-ready outfit. However, when it comes to going out for brunch with friends or another social outing, you’ll look simply radiant in chunky sweaters over wide-leg pants.

They’re an especially great choice for me because of how comfy they can be at the height of fall. As the temperature starts to dip, your boxy sweaters over this pair of jeans will gracefully fall over your body shape while keeping you safe and warm.

Except for broader women, it’s important to remember to balance the size of the sweater against your body frame. Don’t get lured into going for an overly baggy silhouette, as it can be easy for the fabric to overwhelm you.

If you’d like to add a little more structure to your overall appearance, consider doing a half-tuck, as this will introduce a more relaxed air to your looks.

What to Remember When Wearing Wide-Leg Jeans

wearing baggy jeans

In addition to knowing how to style your baggy jeans, you should also keep a few vital pointers in mind. These include:

  • Always wear baggy jeans with shoes that complement your fashion sense.
  • Try to make your baggy outfit look relaxed, not sloppy.
  • When out of outfit ideas, remember you’re less likely to go wrong when you pair baggy jeans with a loose top.
  • Chunky jewelry is always a great way to add more edge to your baggy jeans outfits.
  • In winter, a black or blue turtleneck over baggy jeans will almost always be fashionable.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to style baggy jeans, you can join the world’s leading fashion gals and turn heads wherever you go. Perfect for large and petite women, wide-leg jeans are just the fashion clothes you need to complete your wardrobe this season!Want to stay on top of other great fashion trends? Here’s something you just have to see!

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