How To Style A Plaid Blazer: Plaid Blazers 101

From casual gatherings to office environments and special events, there’s a plaid blazer outfit for every setting. Learning how to incorporate this classic garment into your style can help you create countless sophisticated and trendy looks. You can create outfits that turn heads and garner praise from fellow fashionistas by choosing the right pieces and colors to complement your plaid blazer.

Key Takeaways

  • Plaid blazers are versatile and can be styled for both casual and formal occasions
  • Pairing your plaid blazer with complementary pieces and colors creates sophisticated and trendy looks
  • Experimenting with this timeless fashion piece can help you make a unique statement with your style

How To Style A Plaid Blazer for Casual Occasions

Pairing with Jeans

You can wear it with your favorite blue or black jeans and finish the look with some comfortable sneakers, Converse, or ankle boots. For a classic look, try selecting a white tee or black tank top as your base layer. Mixing your blazer with both light and dark-colored denim can create various stylish looks throughout the fall season.

Layering with Turtleneck

As the colder months approach, layering becomes essential. A turtleneck is a practical choice and a stylish one when combined with a plaid blazer. Wearing a fitted turtleneck underneath your blazer adds warmth and sophistication to your casual outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different turtleneck colors and textures as long as they complement the hues of your plaid blazer. Complete the outfit with jeans and ankle boots, and you’re all set for those chilly occasions.

Dressing Down with Tees and Shorts

For those warmer casual days, you can dress down your plaid blazer by pairing it with a simple tee and shorts. This combination balances an effortlessly chic style with comfort and ease. To pull off this look, I recommend sticking with neutral-colored t-shirts, such as a plain white or gray option, and letting the blazer be the center of attention. To finish the outfit, throw on some sneakers or mule slides for a laid-back vibe. Alternatively, if you’re feeling more adventurous, layering your blazer over a hoodie to create an edgy, street-style look.

How To Style A Plaid Blazer for Formal Events

Emphasizing Elegance with Trousers and Loafers

Pairing my plaid blazer with well-fitted trousers and loafers creates an elegant, professional look. This combination is perfect for business casual environments or a sophisticated date night. I keep the colors and patterns subtle, making the plaid blazer the statement piece. To complete the outfit, I add simple accessories like a classic watch or minimalist jewelry.

Upscaling with a Tie and White Button-down

Looking for a polished, classic outfit? I’ve found that adding a tie and a crisp white button-down shirt under my plaid blazer accomplishes this effortlessly. This combination is dressy enough for a night out or formal events while maintaining professionalism. To make the outfit shine, I play with texture by choosing a silk or knit tie. Remember to tuck in the shirt and add a matching belt for a cohesive look!

Dressing Up with Dresses and Heels

I love pairing a plaid blazer with a sleek slip dress or a fitted knee-length dress with heels or pumps. This outfit is perfect for a date night or an elegant night out. I chose a dress in a solid color that complements the hues of the blazer, creating a harmonious outfit. To add a touch of sophistication, I accessorize with subtle statement jewelry and a chic clutch.

My Final Thoughts

Honestly, I can’t get enough of plaid blazers! They’re a versatile and timeless wardrobe staple that you can easily dress up a casual outfit or add flair to a more formal look. I’ve tried quite a few different combinations with my own blazer, and I must say it has become one of my go-to pieces.

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