How To Style A Bomber Jacket: The Best Style For You

As the saying goes, “Fashion is timeless.” And that’s certainly true. Bomber Jackets have been around since the early 1950s and have retained their sense of beauty and style. Known as a flight jacket, it was initially used as military wear.

Bomber jackets have become a must-have in fashion recently. And there are many ways you can style it. While bomber jackets were made for men, anyone can wear them regardless of gender. Clothing brands have established various styles, and these jackets can also be found in various materials and sizes. 

These versatile jackets are fantastic, and if you don’t have one, I recommend you add one to your wardrobe ASAP. Let’s discuss how to style a bomber jacket for any outfit.

Do People Wear Bomber Jackets?

The popularity of bombers has been growing recently. If you’re into all the buzz surrounding fashion, you must know how amazing they look. Not only is it a popular streetwear staple, but the jackets have also dominated fashion runways. They are also famously known as aviator jackets or flight jackets. 

The reason behind the popularity and demand for bomber jackets is simple — you can pair them with anything you want. Wear it with a dress or jeans — they will always complete your outfit. 

Bomber jackets are also pretty cheap. You can easily find a bomber jacket within your budget. 

If you want to make a statement and stand out, stop second-guessing and buy a bomber jacket. You can wear it layered up or down, making it perfect for different types of weather. 

How to Style a Bomber Jacket — Styling Guide 101

Stylish Young Man in a Bomber Jacket

Style 1: Pair the Jacket with a Polo Tee

Many prefer polos over a crewneck or casual tee. They complete and complement any modern style of your choice. Consider pairing a black or neutral-colored polo with a leather bomber to give a relaxed, laid-back look. 

Leather bombers are also available in various colors, so you can choose according to your preference. 

Opt for a brown or gray jacket to keep things minimal. But if you’re feeling wild, try bright colors. Wear trousers or jeans for a cool look that you can rock at business casual events.

Style 2: Smart and Casual Style

Bombers are great for small casual events, and if you style them well, they give off a good look. 

It’s vital to avoid colorful clothing if you want to highlight your jacket. Wear a collared printed shirt and straight-fit basic pants in neutral colors or a suede bomber jacket with a black t-shirt and cargo pants or skinny jeans. Complete your look with either brown shoes or cool boots. 

Going for a casual look is a popular choice. If you do it right, you will look smart and posh.

Style 3: Pair It with a Turtleneck

Everyone loves to wear a turtleneck during winter, and one cannot go wrong with them. Just like bombers, turtlenecks are also considered timeless apparel. 

Turtlenecks are simple, yet they feel luxurious at the same time. Pairing a turtleneck with a bomber jacket gives off a semi-formal vibe, making you feel trendy and sophisticated. 

Many people prefer wearing a cream-colored turtle with a burgundy or blue bomber and black jeans to complete their look. 

These looks will definitely impress. Finish your outfit with chunky leather boots. 

It’s perfect for any occasion and will give you a classic style. It won’t let you down, whether you are going to a formal event or a date.

Style 4: Try Different Colors

We’ve mentioned avoiding specific colors and sticking to a color palette, as some outfits don’t go well with unconventional hues. However, you must not only stick to neutral and primary colors. 

It might be standard colors for bombers, but there might be a specific color that will look better on you than plain black bombers. 

Fashion is all about experiments. If you’re down to step out of your comfort zone, go for different bomber shades and pair them up with anything you want.

It’s always great to step out of your comfort zone, and you should experiment with fashion at a young age.

Style 5: Casual Outfit

Who says you always need to dress well to look presentable? Sometimes going with a minimalistic style can be better than trying too much.

The best part about bombers is that they will look good with whatever you wear. Pair them with casual jeans, a shirt, or even sweatpants, and you won’t fail to look presentable. For the final touch, wear white sneakers for the best casual outfit.

Style 6: Flannel Shirts

In terms of casual fashion popularity, collared shirts and flannels are the “in thing.” You can’t go wrong pairing two popular apparel. The good thing about flannels is that you can wear them as layers, like bombers.

If you want to add textures to your outfit, we recommend wearing a dark green or red flannel shirt with a white bomber jacket. It will give off an incredible look without trying too hard. 

Style 7: Graphic T-Shirts

Plain white t-shirts are a fashion staple as they complement anything. However, when it comes to graphic tees, they are on another level. Not only are they fun pieces, but they are stylish as well. 

Bombers are great to pair with unique graphic tees to improve your outfit. It will elevate your style and give you swagger. 

Wrapping Up

Regardless of what you pair your bomber jacket with, it will consistently deliver coolness and luxury. These jackets have been around for decades and are still popular because of their versatility and stylishness.

As I mentioned earlier, fashion is all about experiments, and you should not limit yourself to the styles covered here. You can come up with ideas on how to style a bomber jacket that works best for you. Read about the history of bomber jackets if you want some inspiration.

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