Do Pandora Rings Rust? The Ultimate Guide

There are plenty of designer-style and branded rings to choose from on the market. And I cannot but mention that Pandora rings are among my top choices when it comes to durable and pretty rings. But, do Pandora rings rust? 

As mentioned earlier, these signature blings are one of a kind. These rings are specially crafted using a unique metal blend, sterling silver, and 14K yellow gold. This kind of ring is more popularly known as Pandora Rose, owing to the exterior rosy hue of the rings.

At the same time, I strongly advise you to take special care, no matter the type of metal you end up choosing for yourself.

Do Pandora Rings Rust?

To find this answer, I had to do quite intense research, if I’m being honest. Rings crafted by Pandora are made using an extremely high-quality finish. And that limits the level of tarnish or rust, since the finishes used are durable.

However, even these Pandora rings will ultimately develop rust or tarnish on the surface. That’s especially true for silver Pandora blings. I’ve witnessed this from my own personal experience with these rings.

I have been able to further prolong the durability of these rings by regularly maintaining them. Therefore, I’d say you don’t need to worry about tarnishes or rust with Pandora rings.

Reasons Why Pandora Rings Don’t Rust As Much

A Finger wearing Rings with Black Nails

I’ll be real with you: all rings tarnish or rust over time. That’s especially true for those who don’t take care of or maintain their rings regularly. So, what’s important is maintenance. 

The crafting materials and the metals used in the process are other factors that affect the intensity of rusting. 

Pandora pieces of jewelry use crafting materials of top quality, as I’ve already stated above. 

Plating and oxidation are among the efficient finishes Pandora employs to make its high-graded rings. These finishes limit tarnishing and prevent rusting on the rings.

Tarnishes are limited by the oxidation process itself. It mimics the natural tarnishing process that you see with respect to metals like silver over the years.

Pandora employs plating as yet another anti-tarnishing technique. It helps in preventing ring tarnishing and rusting, as well.

I did pretty intense research before finally purchasing Pandora silver rings for myself. Here’s what I found:

  • Pandora uses black rhodium as a plating material in the crafting of these beautiful rings.
  • Black rhodium has anti-tarnishing properties, and is extremely durable.

Pandora also offers rose gold-coated silver and copper rings, other than plain silver jewelry.

Its obvious protective plating is something Pandora takes quite seriously regarding their rings.

Pandora Rings: Types of Metals Used in the Crafting Process

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Pandora Rose

I’d say it’s quite apt to start this section with this particular precious Pandora ring.

Based on my knowledge of Pandora ring collections, these rings are surely among the best-looking items. They use a beautiful blend of silver and copper metals. 

The final crafting process includes coating these Pandora Rose rings with a protective layer of rose gold. This acts as an anti-tarnishing layer that prevents rusting and increases the longevity of the rings.

Two Tone Ring Series

The next metal blend I find very appealing and astonishing is this series of Two Tone Pandora rings. They’re made using a sterling silver and 14K yellow gold combo metal blend.


I can’t say enough about this series of Pandora rings. Not only are they highly durable, but these rings are also highly tarnish and rust-resistant.

These signature rings are crafted using 92.5% pure silver metal. This category of silver is popularly termed “sterling silver.” Not only is it much cheaper than Pandora Gold rings, but it’s also trendy and looks fabulous.

At the same time, this soft metal isn’t as hard when compared to gold. Plus, it’s highly prone to natural processes, such as oxidation. 

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This precious and traditional metal is the last on my list of Pandora metals.

Pandora makes use of 14K gold to craft its beautiful rings. The soft nature of gold raises the sturdiness and durability of the metal.  

Naturally, Pandora golden rings are among the bestselling items from their collection. These rings look beautiful, are corrosion and rust-resistant, and made of hardy metal. What’s not to like?

Pandora Rings: Cleaning and Maintenance

Pandora rings are sturdy, hardy, tarnish and rust-resistant, durable, and look superb. At the same time, you can help make them last even longer. I’ll be honest: nobody likes grimy-looking rings, even if you’ve paid a fortune for them.

Pandora rings require special care to make the quality metals shine even brighter. All you have to do is take a clean, soft cloth and polish them from time to time. Not that hard, is it?

Clean the Rings Regularly

What I’ll suggest is to polish your Pandora rings every time you wear them outside. Doing so will not only bring back their shine but also remove debris and dust from the rings’ exterior and interior. 

I’d recommend using a soft cloth or brush with mild soap and warm water if your Pandora ring is extremely dirty. I get it: you haven’t had time to care for your rings. Consider stumbling across my article as a sign to clean your ring now!

Be careful when cleaning your Pandora rings. Take note not to submerge the rings completely underwater!

Use Silver Cleaning Soap

I make sure to use only silver cleaning soaps to polish my sterling silver Pandora rings.

First, I wipe the ring using lukewarm water and mild soap. I then take a soft, clean cloth and polish the ring. 

Once I’m done with that, I pour a small amount of the silver cleaning soap onto the piece of cloth. I continue polishing the Pandora ring with that until it’s shiny and sparkling clean.

I recommend doing your research properly before choosing silver dips and polishing soaps. That’s because the compounds in these dips can destroy your Pandora rings. 

Plus, make sure to use only a clean cloth to polish your rings. The debris and dust on dirty cloth can scratch the surface of the jewelry.

I don’t recommend ultrasonic cleaning as well: it’s not good for your rings. 

Pandora Rings: Storage

Box with ring

Don’t wear your ring at all times. I mean, it’s all about making that once-in-a-blue-moon, bold statement, right? 

Store your ring properly after wearing it to a special occasion unless it’s your wedding Pandora ring. If it’s a wedding ring, make sure to clean it regularly.

To store your ring, use a jewelry box or bag that’s resistant to rust and tarnish. Make sure to store your rings inside this box in a cool, dry spot in the house. 

Areas with temperature fluctuations and moisture increase the rate of oxidation. I suggest you keep that in mind when storing your Pandora rings. 

Pandora Rings: FAQ

Why is my Pandora sterling silver ring turning black?

Your Pandora ring may be tarnishing. It’s a sign of oxidation. Likely, you haven’t been taking good care of your ring. 

I suggest you check out this YouTube video to learn about it. 

Does Pandora use pure silver to make their rings?

Pandora makes use of sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver metal, to craft its beautiful silver rings. 

Are Pandora rings ideal as everyday jewelry?

Absolutely, Pandora costume and fashion rings make for perfect everyday jewelry. But I’d recommend taking them off before a bath. The shampoo and soap chemicals can react with the metal and tarnish the ring.

Closing Thoughts

Do Pandora rings rust? Yes, eventually they do, but so does any type of ring made of metals, especially silver rings. At the same time, it’s possible to keep your Pandora rings rust and tarnish-free for a long time if you maintain and polish them often.

Don’t forget to check out these top 5 Pandora rings before you purchase one for yourself.

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